Grammar PowerPoints for GCSE French

2016 specifications
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A set of 33 visually engaging and colour-coded grammar PowerPoint presentations (with over 900 slides) based on the 2016 specification requirements.

Students are introduced to grammar points, including key tenses, in a clear and concise way, and complete tasks that promote active learning.

Over 900 slides!

Key features:

  • Step-by-step introductions, instructions and examples facilitate learning
  • Colour-coded grammar points provide visual cues
  • Varied activities and answers offer knowledge consolidation

  • Activities are incorporated within the PowerPoints for seamless consolidation and include translations, writing sentences, changing structures, match-ups, gap-fills and more!
  • Answers directly follow activities for instant feedback and marking
  • Suitable for use with Foundation and Higher tier (with additional PowerPoints for Higher)
  • For use in class and as revision