Practice Exam Papers for AQA GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition

Practice makes perfect progress!

Build students’ confidence with these unique exam-style practice papers for AQA GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition.

Questions exemplify the type and style of questions students can expect to see in the live exams

C Hutchinson, Teacher of FPN & Peer Reviewer

Four practice papers all with…

  • Variety of question styles – multiple-choice, short-answer, applied and extended-answer questions – to develop exam technique.
  • Clear command words – help students to get accustomed to the types of question they will face in the exam.
  • Detailed mark schemes – including mark breakdown, indicative content and guidance – help students see how marks are awarded.
  • Comprehensive spec coverage and accurate AO weightings, modelled to ensure same level of difficulty as the specimens.

What do teachers say about this resource? (8595)

Overall I found this a useful resource. There are limited past papers available for this specification as it is a new course. It is particularly useful as it follows the same format as the examination. The mark schemes are very in-depth and will be a useful tool to provide students with. I particularly liked the fact it followed the same format as the AQA examination in the form of multiple choice Q's and longer answers. I like the fact it is the same time allowance as the real examination and can therefore be used for mocks. I feel that this resource will enhance learning as it will allow students to consolidate their understanding. It can be used at the end of the year to assess learning all individual questions can be used within lessons to show the style of question they may be asked in the exam. It will also be a useful revision tool for students at home to complete in timed conditions.

G Crawford, Teacher of Food & Nutrition & Peer Reviewer

I would recommend this resource. It serves as an excellent reference for knowledge retention at focal points of the academic year. You are able to assess the extent student’s recall across all areas of the specification and allows teachers to monitor students learning. It allows for the students to practice MCQ and extended-answer questions related to a given text or scenario. The questions exemplify the type and style of questions students can expect to see in the live exams. This resource on the whole will save hours of internet trawling to expand on the rather limited past exam papers... It is a good way to assess the current level of knowledge, which allows the teacher to then gauge how to plan further lessons to further increase their learning within a certain section of the specification. Each paper is explained in a clear, friendly style, including all the sections. A useful form of assessment.

C Hutchinson, Teacher of FPN & Peer Reviewer