Learning Grids for Edexcel GCSE PE

A fantastic way to support weaker learners!

You need to buy this for your SEND and PP pupils in your classes

R Flowers, Head of PE & Customer

Students read their textbooks/notes to complete a grid of questions in exact specification order. Cross-referenced to the major textbooks to ensure structured study.

Exemplar completed grids for easy marking and provide revision notes with full specification coverage!

The organised and active learning method helps students understand the key points and build confidence.

Brilliant for students who learn best by doing. Dramatically improves learning for learners in need of additional support; highly motivating.

Questions cover all assessment objectives – developing students’ ability to demonstrate knowledge, apply understanding and evaluate factors underpinning performance.

Questions provide sufficient stretch and challenge for all students, regardless of the level they are working at

J Stubbs, Assistant Headteacher & Peer Reviewer
  • Requires minimal teacher planning and input – ideal for cover lessons
  • An easy-to-set, valuable homework option
  • Pinpoint topic strengths and weaknesses for targeted support

A very valuable resource to any PE department...

...Could easily be left as cover work, set for homework or used as part of a summative or formative assessment

L McCarthy-Wicks, HoD & Peer Reviewer
Cross-referenced against:
  • Edexcel GCSE (9-1) Physical Education Student Book, by Tony Scott (Pearson Education; 2nd Edition, ISBN 9781292129884)
  • Edexcel GCSE PE (9-1), by Sue Hartigan (Hodder Education; 3rd Edition, ISBN 9781471866968)
  • Edexcel GCSE Physical Education, by Maarit Edy and Matthew Hunter (OUP; ISBN 9780198370215)
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What do teachers say about this resource? (8589)

The resource is really good for lower level learners to use without additional teacher help for lesson. It is very user friendly, good images to give clarity to visual learners. You need to buy this for your SEND and PP pupils in your classes. On point!

R Flowers, Head of PE & Customer

Great resource, laid out very well. I like the idea of the grids and also the use of sporting examples. The use of photos and diagrams is great, gives a bit more depth and perspective especially for students who don't like reading. The fact that it is also linked to the textbook is great, makes it very user friendly. I think this would be used to support the classroom teaching, in that it could be used for reflection/checking for understanding, so that the teacher can help fill the gaps, rather than going through everything again with everyone, they can spend time in smaller groups where there are problems or concepts that are missing. 

M Jane, Deputy Principle, HoD and Peer Reviewer

A great resource for students, especially as revision, as it makes students consider questions and apply their knowledge and where applicable apply to a sporting example. This resource supports students in answering questions in relation to the theory and consolidates what they know. This has great educational value when preparing for exam questions. A great resource and has great potential. Other teachers would be interested in purchasing this as a resource to use alongside others.

G Bouchier, PE Teacher, Examiner & Peer Reviewer

So student friendly. Will help revision and online learning massively.

I Walker, Head of PE & Customer

Very good for low-level learners ... Gives a handy resource for Lower-ability and SEN pupils. Use zigzag for your resources as they are really good indeed.

R Flowers, HoD & Customer

What do teachers say about this resource? (8590)

The resource is great, it compliments component 2 very well as the pictures are really current and relative to the topics. Pupils just work from these sheets really independently and crack on without the teacher having to personalise learning too much. The pupils like the way they are written and find the work easy to do. You should buy these as a personalised learning resource to aid lower level learners especially. On the money!

R Flowers, Head of PE & Customer

It is user friendly... Lower ability stand more chance with accessing the work. Use Zigzag for your resources as they are great.

R Flowers, HoD & Customer

Very user friendly... I like the table formatting which makes it very easy for the reader/user to move through the topics. The value mainly lies within allowing students to see model answers and for helping students practise the answering of exam questions. I like the table formatting which makes it very easy for the reader/user to move through the topics. It is clearly broken up into questions, answers. It also had varied questions (short answer, longer answer, images to analyse).

S Owen, Head of PE & Peer Reviewer

A really good resource to use as a revision/recap/end of topic activity. It covers all topics in paper 2 and promotes applying knowledge and understanding to exam like questions in an alternative way to a exam paper. A user friendly layout that can be used in different ways to consolidate students learning... It can be used as a revision tool or to provide a topic overview. It breaks the information down into more manageable chunks... the layout and presentation makes it user friendly and it is broken down into topics so can be used as a whole document or parts of at a time to support learning. Within the questions there are graphs and pictures to relate to where appropriate to break up the amount of text.

G Bouchier, Teacher and Examiner & Peer Reviewer

Very easy to use with relevant content. Will help revision massively. A great resource for all studying this course.

I Walker, Head of PE & Customer