Reaching for a 9 for GCSE AQA

2016 specification:

A carefully tailored resource designed to motivate and challenge your higher tier students towards the coveted grade 9!

Skills-based worksheets and exam-style questions cover all 4 skills: listening, reading, writing and speaking.

9 units
  1. Impressive vocabulary
  2. Tough grammar
  3. Very tough (receptive) grammar
  4. Timing, fluency and spontaneity
  5. Planning ahead and sophisticated sentences
  6. Context and unpredictable elements
  7. Translation
  8. Expanding knowledge
  9. Welcome to AS Level – challenge yourself!
In line with:
  • 2016 specification requirements
  • AQA’s sample assessment materials
  • Higher tier exam questions
  • Examiners’ reports of the previous specification

Key features:
  • Activities to stretch highly capable students up to and beyond GCSE
  • Practice questions to hone skills
  • Exam-style questions to challenge and reinforce learning
  • General and skills-based exam tips to prepare thoroughly

Plus! All answers provided, including model answers, for teacher, self- and peer assessment
  • For independent learning or use in class
  • Highly flexible! Worksheets can be completed: ① in order; ② per unit; ③ per skill

  • CD included with listening tracks