Getting to Know… Almanya, Willkommen in Deutschland

Suitable for:
  • AQA AS & A Level
  • Edexcel A Level

Ready-to-use research tasks, worksheets, background information and practice exam questions ensure comprehensive understanding of Almanya, Willkommen in Deutschland. Students will get to know Yasemin Şandereli’s thought-provoking film while focusing on themes related to nationality, identity and immigration, and be fully prepared for the AQA, Edexcel or CCEA writing exam. The structure offers the perfect balance between guided classwork and independent study:

  • Before: Tasks include introductions to the director and screenwriter as well as the film poster and trailer to gain some contextual understanding.
  • During: Students explore the film scene by scene by completing tasks and answering comprehension questions, with additional focus on the characters, themes, analysing the film and cinematic language.
  • After: Film critiques, essay tips and exam-style questions help students delve into analysis and criticism.

  • Answers are provided for all activities, including model essays and indicative content for the exam-style questions.

What do teachers say about this resource? (8541)

Love it! In the past i've used authentic German resources / Abitur level German workbooks on it and bpb German film association but have found sometimes that the language is too complicated for A Level students as it's been designed for natives.This resource solves that problem completely.

S Lemmetyinen, Teacher and Peer Reviewer

The resource offers a very detailed analysis of the film, encompassing a wide range of preparatory exercises that facilitate essay writing, as well as practising key examination skills, such as translating into and out of the target language.

J Turner, German Teacher and Peer Reviewer

I think it's great – very detailed and logically structured with lots of tasks and activities and clear progression. It can be used as a main resource for teaching the film which is extremely beneficial to anyone – be it an NQT or someone teaching A Level for the first time, or a teacher who needs this resource to complement any other resources they might already have.

L Dunato-Davis, German Teacher, Examiner and Peer Reviewer