Student Prep Pack for GCSE NEA Food Investigations (NEA 1): 2017/18 Series

Great Practice for future NEA's!

Prepare and inspire your students to achieve their full potential in their NEA Food investigations with this highly creative Student Prep pack.

Preparation for:
AQA GCSE NEA 1 (2017–18)
  • Task 1: Foam Formation (eggs and meringues)
  • Task 2: Gluten Formation (bread and pasta)
  • Task 3: Emulsions (salad dressings and sauces)

A comprehensive preparation pack for the 2017/2018 AQA NEA set tasks for use as practice before students start their investigations. This unique resource is the perfect way to prepare your students for NEA success.

Explore the theory!

  • Summarising recap notes and essential questions relevant to AQA's 3 set tasks – ensure students understand the functional and chemical properties of food.
  • Stimulating 'pick-up-and-go' activities – individual, small group and whole-class activities designed to embed theory and progress key analytical and research skills.
  • Meaningful keywords and useful websites – guarantee students get to grips with the essential terminology and prompt research retrospectively.

Put it to the test!

  • A series of targeted experiments to enhance students’ experimental practice and inspire ideas – a great basis for their real NEA investigations.

Also includes:

  • Step-by-step guidance to report writing, giving students a thorough understanding of marking criteria and the skills they will need for their investigation.
  • A handy project checklist