Revision Guide for AQA GCSE PE (9–1)

Paper 1 and Paper 2

An excellent resource that will definitely help improve the marks of our students

S Hayes, Customer.

Dynamically presented revision guides for AQA GCSE (9–1) PE. All the key information needed for Paper 1 and Paper 2 exams in bite-sized chunks, with revision tasks to consolidate understanding.

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  • Carefully structured overview pages – Learning aims, key terms, and knowledge checklists – provide essential exam information and encourage students to record revision progress.
  • Comprehensive and concise revision notes – bullet points, tables, diagrams – maximise retention.
  • Highly visual graphics – great for visual learners and supporting application to sport.

Students will find the combination of tools from this resource of value. The assessment tracker, the key terms box and checklist allow students to be clear on what is expected and well organised right from the beginning of this resource.

S James, PE Teacher & Peer Reviewer
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  • Revision activities – to check and apply understanding of every topic.
  • Exam-style questions – vitally expose students to exam format and help put knowledge into practice.
  • Mark schemes – great for peer and self assessment.

What do teachers say about this resource? (8289)

Matches the new specification exceptionally well. Students will find the combination of tools from this resource of value. The assessment tracker, the key terms box and checklist allow students to be clear on what is expected and well organised right from the beginning of this resource. The information is complex and concise [and] is well laid out, with consistency among chapters. Clear use of visual aids such as diagrams and pictures support learning very well and play a key role in promoting students to revise. The biomechanics section in particular was well done. It was clear yet comprehensive for students to understand as this is a key area students are currently struggling with. I really enjoyed reviewing this resource. Best one yet!

S James, PE Teacher & Peer Reviewer

Another great resource from ZigZag. Good mix of activities, knowledge and exam questions... I feel that the combination of information, activities and exam questions provides a good balance for students. Clear learning objectives for each topic allow students to understand what they need to achieve within each topic. The ability to note when topics have been revised and understood allows students to track their own progress. Excellent images... examples are really thorough.

E Drury, Head of Department & Peer Reviewer

An excellent resource that will definitely help improve the marks of our students. It gives the students everything they need to know for the exams, but the information is concise. [My] students have been using them a lot... students use the resource in lessons and at home. It gives the students the opportunity to practice questions and then use the mark schemes at the back to self and peer assess.

S Hayes, Customer.

The content is of high quality and matches the level required for the new specification... The resource is divided well into appropriate chapters... The layout is clear, concise and consistent throughout. The questions include a variety of different forms ranging from multiple choice to short answer to long – continuous prose answer. They enhance learning as they ask for both recall of knowledge and application, indicating understanding.

V Mckinnon, PE Teacher & Peer Reviewer.

Excellent to use with questions in preparation for both papers. Revision notes are brief, pictorial format with progressive level of questioning. Valuable for final half term prior to exams.

G Mayhew Head of PE & Customer

I think that it is an insightful and excellent aid to recap learning in preparation for the GCSE PE paper 1 examination. It is easy to follow, breaking down each area of the paper down into bitesize chunks and then is followed by a range of questions to gauge a student’s learning and understanding of the topic. I particularly like how each chapter is introduced, with clear knowledge checkpoint for students to reflect on, following the studying of each chapter, plus identifying relevant key terms and technical vocabulary that students should attempt to use wherever possible in the exam paper. The notes are clear and concise, which are reinforced with excellent use of visual aids, such as the pictures used to illustrate types of movements at a joint. I like the way in which tables are used to condense large amounts of information into relatively small tables, such as the tables used on P11-12. Analysis of movement can be a tricky area for student to grasp, but I do feel that P50-51 is a very effective resource to apply such knowledge to a range of skills, thus reinforcing their learning and understanding. The assessment objective checklist on p3-4 is very useful for students to traffic light their strengths and weaknesses of paper 1, thereby enabling them to focus their revision on their weakest areas initially. I feel that this resource enhances learning through breaking down paper 1 into the different components, thus making each area manageable to grasp and not overawe the student. The page on Command words enables the student to break down questions and write what is asked by the examiner and cutting out on unnecessary waffle. This resource can be used to develop a student’s understanding of the course, whilst it can reinforce knowledge and understanding of the more able students. It is generally set out well, going through each element of the paper, with a test at the end of each section to reinforce knowledge and understanding.

K Marston, Second in PE & Peer Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (8290)

Overall, a very informative resource covering all aspects of paper 2. Recapping on each aspect of the course and then using brief questions to gauge levels of knowledge and understanding of students. Overall, I found it very informative. Recapping on each aspect of the course and then using brief questions to gauge levels of knowledge and understanding of students. I liked the chapter review at the start of the booklet for students to pin point where their areas of strengths and weaknesses lie. I also like the brief notes for each topic to recap on all aspects of paper 2. I particularly like the table used for feedback on p. 17, which in a concise design covered A01, A02 and A03 aspects of feedback in an efficient manner! The tests were good to gauge levels of knowledge and understanding. The key terms box at the start of each chapter, are a great feature... they are clear and concise and reinforce students learning of each theoretical element covered. I think the resource enhances learning with the effective use of tables to incorporate a lot of information for a range of topics in a visual and concise manner. As always Zig Zag delivers for teaching staff with regards for value for money, it ticks all the boxes with what a teacher is looking for. It is clear that this resource has been planned and produced by teachers who are still teaching and know what staff are looking for, they also make difficult areas to teach more digestible for students and at a reasonable cost!

K Marston, Second in PE department & Peer Reviewer

A fantastic resource. The quality of the information has been broken down really well. Each chapter has a clear, consistent structure, making it easy to follow, which will help with student’s revision. I think the activities at the end of each chapter are really good and sum up the topic area well. I think this will definitely help as part of a memory tool, for recall using visualisation.

S James, PE Teacher and Peer Reviewer.

Very good and useful resource that would have many benefits for students studying AQA GCSE PE. Well structured... there is a good mix of theoretical content and student activities.
I particularly like the command word table in the student introduction section... it allows students to track progress against the different assessment objectives and self-assess at the start of each chapter. The resource could be used as a homework booklet or like a course companion. Very good links to the specification... breaks down theories of arousal well... I like the way that hooliganism is discussed, this doesn't appear on any other specifications and is simplified well in this resource. Good exam-style questions. Mark Scheme is detailed and highlights where assessment objectives can be met.

E Drury, Head of Department & Peer Reviewer

It is value for money because you can make copies for all of your students and extra's for if the odd student misplaces their copy. We have tried students buying their own revision guides in the past and not everyone buys one. Doing it this way gives you piece of mind that all students taking GCSE PE get a revision guide.

S Hayes, Customer