Revision Guide for BTEC National Applied Science

Principles & Applications of Science 1 + 2

Includes BTEC style exam questions for invaluable practice!

Equip your students with the knowledge they need using this photocopiable revision guide – specially written for the Applied Science course! Packed full of worked examples, practice questions, and handy exam tips – the perfect summary of each topic!

  • Comprehensively and succinctly covers each spec point – let students focus on what they need to know!
  • Highly visual layout full of diagrams and charts makes challenging concepts clear.
  • Quick questions and checklists allow students to assess their own revision.

What do teachers say about this resource? (12581)

Comprehensive and can be used in so many ways: Independent study with class notes and even for cover lessons.
Every learning outcome is covered in the appropriate detail and has been interpreted correctly as the exam styles questions mimic the real questions.
The maths worked examples are appreciated (as non-specialists can even follow this) followed by Exam tips. This is like a revision guide and workbook in one which is something that is not on the market at the moment.
I like the depth and coverage of the whole unit with questions and answers. The structure of the resource starting with definitions, notes, worked examples, quick questions, exam tips, common pitfalls in physics and a mnemonic.
The self assess test checklist will help learners to be more reflective and independent. In a college setting this can be used to help set SMART targets and equally in a school as the language is student friendly without compromising subject quality.

N Khan, Head of Biology & Peer Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (8264)

Good to support learning/show detail of what is with topics and sub sections. I particularly like this resource because it has full answers/all content is covered.

D Lester, Teacher & Customer