Topic-Based Grammar and Vocabulary Revision Pack for AS Spanish

Suitable for all exam boards!

Bypass the boredom of grammar and vocab revision with original materials and engaging activities!

Designed for AS students, this guide helps students revise topic-based vocabulary and all 2016 spec grammar points.

  • Original texts
  • Top tips for vocabulary and grammar revision

1 vocab worksheet:

  • 3–4 vocab and comprehension tasks – filling in the gaps, match-ups, cognates & more

1 grammar worksheet:

  • Easy-to-follow grammar recaps
  • grammar-based activities – conjugating verbs, correcting mistakes, writing sentences, & more

Plus! a mind map activity for students to consolidate subtopic vocab at the end of each theme.

What do teachers have to say about this resource? (8139)
' There is a lot of topic-specific vocabulary and grammar points. [...] I like the current cultural references and the integration of translation and prose exercises.' G Fagan, Head of Spanish, Examiner and Ind. Reviewer.
'I like the fact that the resource analyses in great detail relevant vocabulary and themes. It is something that I would definitely use to enhance my own teaching and to give students access to different resources that can be used for the new specification.' J I Ermina, Teacher, Examiner and Ind. Reviewer.
'A really useful resource for pupils as independent learning prior to using the vocabulary in class activities, especially for speaking. A wide variety of really clear exercises can be worked on individually and at the student’s own pace – self, teacher or peer assessment is possible. Invaluable timesaver for teacher and student alike!' J Tipton, Examiner and Ind. Reviewer.