Genetics Activity Pack for A Level Eduqas Biology

12 tailored activity worksheets to enhance and support delivery of A Level genetics topics

Evolve your lessons into genetics masterclasses with this highly original skills pack, bursting with worked examples, practice questions and activities so students can hone exam–skills and make genetics their niche.

  • Highly adaptable: use for lesson mains, homework, cover lessons or revision
  • Brilliant exam prep: Exam tips throughout for tackling difficult questions on the new A Levels
  • Accessible to all: Questions differentiated to cover basics before applying to unfamiliar biological contexts
  • Great for self/peer assessment: Full answers and indicative content included for all activity & question sections
  • Bonus! Includes ‘introduction to genetics’ GCSE background and diagnostic quiz to help students make the jump to A Level

    Topics include:
    • Population genetics and Hardy–Weinberg
    • Chi-squared tests and interpretation
    • Epistasis
    • Sex linkage
    • Gene technology

What do teachers say about this resource? (8093, 8094, 8095, 8096, 8097, 8098)

Easy to read and understand with full instructions for teacher and clear instructions in the pop quiz. It has varied engaging activities. The worked examples are very good with appropriate annotations. The recapping of GCSE, levels of difficulty questions makes it suitable as an activity for all levels.

I liked the application of genetics with real examples. The images are in the background bring the subject to life as well as the three different difficulties levels of questions which allows students to ladder their progress. A good mixture of short answer and long answer questions including the ”suggest” questions which are often the discriminators for higher grade students as well as spot the mistake in a long piece of text makes it appropriate for AQA.

It focuses on skills, particularly the mathematical skills in genetics as well as how to answer questions.

N Khan, Head of Biology & Peer Reviewer

The resources are clear, they both support and challenge the student and they are tailored to the AQA specification. Also the answers are supplied!

A Jancis, Head of 6th Form Biology and ZigZag Customer

I think this resource would be useful to set as homework or consolidation work after teaching. I liked the GCSE recap section - this would be useful at the start of the topic.

S Nolan, Teacher and Peer Reviewer