Active Revision Worksheets for A Level OCR PE

Active Revision equals Active Minds!

Maximise motivation, develop flexible thinking and prepare for the exam with these thought-provoking and challenging Active Revision Worksheets for A Level OCR PE.

13–21 flexible worksheets cover every topic and each is structured using three progressive levels, closely aligned to the Assessment Objectives…

Ensure students have all the necessary information to engage with, and perform well in the exam

S Wills, Teacher & Peer Reviewer
  • Section A – Facilitates students to demonstrate knowledge and understanding (AO1)
  • Section B – Supports students to apply understanding to sporting situations (AO2)
  • Section C – Challenges students to analyse and evaluate factors in PE and Sport (AO3)

… allowing students to tailor their revision for each topic area!

Great for use as:
  • A comprehensive revision workbook
  • Homework sheets
  • Class exercises
  • Independent practice!

Each section also begins with…

  • A knowledge checklist – with three levels to track progress (Bronze, Silver and Gold) – perfect for self-assessment and ensuring students are confident going into the exam!

… and finishes with…

  • Exam-style Questions – drawing students’ focus back to exam preparation

Students learn to: organise, interpret, link, draw, calculate, categorise, argue, diagnose, explain, analyse, and more.

What do teachers say about this resource? (7996)

I really liked this resource. Revision should be an active process, so all sections A, B, C & exam style questions make them active as opposed to reading their notes. This is a very good interpretation of the specification. Ranging from simple to more difficult style questions.

I Scotson, PE Teacher & Peer Reviewer

The resource is brilliant and extremely useful in order to reinforce learning and encourage depth of learning and improved depth of answers. The structure of the resource is particularly effective as it allows students to reinforce and recap previous learning and then apply to examination questions with clear example examples that show them how they can achieve the marks.

S Friend, PE Teacher & Peer Reviewer

Fantastic. Use of bronze, silver & gold checklists at the start of topics, this really gives the students something to focus on. It also enables the teacher to identify progress and where individual support is required for the students.This will enhance learning a lot.

S Wills, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (7997)

This is a great resource that compliments the delivery of the course really well. The product is clear and concise in its structure and expectations of the students as well as recording the progress that they have made. If multiple teachers are delivering the course the resource will consolidate the students learning across the three topics, as well as providing consistency or delivery.

N Hopes, PE Teacher & Peer Reviewer

Students (alongside Year 1 resource) have the scope to ensure they have all the necessary information to engage with and perform well in the exam. The variety of exam questions will also ensure that students are practising exam technique alongside adding knowledge to the revision.

S Wills, Teacher & Peer Reviewer