GCSE Edexcel: Practice Papers

Help your students get exam ready with three practice papers for the GCSE Edexcel Citizenship exams. These papers are carefully constructed and fully cross-referenced against the new specification to ensure every point is covered.

Practice makes perfect!

  • Mimics the tone, style and format of the GCSE exam with identical balance of AOs and marks – perfect for mocks, revision sessions or homework!
  • Full range of Edexcel question types – from short-answer questions to detailed essays, these papers give you original exam-style questions!
  • Concise, student-friendly mark schemes – great for quick marking and peer- or self-assessment!

What do teachers say about this resource? (7992)

This resources will allow students to feel prepared for their upcoming GCSE as they can practice answering the types of questions that they need for the exams. Allow students to develop their source analysis skills and extended writing questions, especially 7d where students much compare the authors and requires them to analyse sources, defend their own opinion and bring in relevant subject knowledge.

J Joauvel, Citizenship Teacher & Peer Reviewer