Fast Track for GCSE AQA French

Suitable for:
2016 specification

One for the whizz kids!

This GCSE Fast Track resource has been created to take highly capable languages students from scratch up to Higher tier level in 1 year, structured around just 35 tutor sessions. It covers the topics, vocabulary and grammar found in the AQA 2016 specification and beyond.

This comprehensive resource provides the core materials students will need, including helpful tips and recaps. Fun activities that get progressively more difficult engage and challenge students throughout!

A good resource for students working towards GCSE in 12 months, with or without a tutor. The material seems well researched and at a suitable level for the intended purpose.C Hicks, Examiner and Ind. Reviewer
35 Units & Practice Assessment

Structured learning:

  • Each unit has a preparation, lesson and homework worksheet – enabling students to build, apply and consolidate knowledge quickly and effectively at their own pace.
    • Preparation: Approx. 2 hours of introductory activities based on the topics and grammar in the next lesson
    • Lesson: 30–60 minutes of activities focused primarily on speaking for pronunciation practice and discussion
    • Homework: About 1 hour of consolidation activities centred on listening, reading and writing skills

All 4 skills covered: listening, reading, writing (including translation) and speaking

Supported by: authentic materials, including idiomatic texts and recordings created by native speakers

  • Students and teachers can track progress throughout with a grammar checklist.
  • A practice assessment with exam-style questions from all 4 units is provided at the end for final review.
  • Teacher’s pack with objectives, instructions and answers.
  • Student’s pack with activities, tips and recaps.
I really liked the stages of learning, starting with the pre-learning tasks and then followed up with a consolidation homework. I also liked the suggestions for supporting websites and the tracker – allowing the pupil to take responsibility for their learning away from the lesson. The cultural element (at the start of the pack) sets the tone and places the learning into context – something especially relevant under the new GCSE format.K Seazell, Head of MFL and Ind. Reviewer