Keyword Activities for GCSE AQA Food Preparation and Nutrition

Ensure students get to grips with the technical terms in the new 9-1 AQA GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition specification with fantastic topic-by-topic activities. These cover all theory content from across all topic areas, providing a sound basis for the whole course.

My students were struggling with terminology and this has helped enormously. It ensures they are focusing on using the correct vocabulary in class and in essays...

...Saves a huge amount to time researching and making own resources

S Nurse, Teacher & RS Customer

For every topic, varied activities based on a core set of keywords and definitions:

Easy to use and make great starters, plenaries or homeworks

S Cole, HoD & RS Customer
  1. Match-up
  2. Table Fill
  3. Crosswords (+ interactive version)
  4. Bingo
  5. Dominoes
  6. Write Your Own Glossary

New for the GCSE (9–1) 2016 specification: All activities are provided electronically on a CD-ROM which can be copied directly onto your school network and accessed using a HTML interface. All activities are in PDF format and interactive (HTML5) crosswords are also included!

It saves time in planning and is a great tool for boosting student grades as they get to grips with technical terms. Perfect match

P Farley, Teacher & RS Customer
  • Varied and engaging activities build confidence and familiarity with need-to-know terms
  • Student-friendly definitions make complex terms accessible to all
  • Flexible, ready-to-use worksheets for classwork or homework
  • Answers included – perfect for revision and self-assessment