Differentiated Exam Practice for GCSE Edexcel Spanish

Available for Reading, Listening and Writing (Reading coming soon!)

Give your students the best chance of success come exam time with these comprehensive packs of differentiated worksheets!

Candidates will improve key language skills and develop crucial exam technique while becoming fully familiar with the new 2016 specification requirements:

  • Full differentiation, with separate worksheets available for foundation and higher – choose worksheets appropriate to the needs of you class
  • Each pack broken down by Edexcel topic with a wealth of varied, exam-style tasks to draw upon – the perfect way to support ongoing study in class and at home!
  • All content carefully matched to 2016 Edexcel Sample Assessment Materials
  • Full answers, indicative content and Edexcel-style mark schemes for easy self-, peer- and teacher assessment
  • 78 worksheets covering 13 topics
  • Includes 5 levels of differentiation – including crossover worksheets to support borderline students and G&T tasks to stretch the most able
  • Additional translation tasks into English!
  • 65 worksheets covering 13 topics
  • Includes recordings by native speakers on CD
  • With full transcripts
  • 48 worksheets covering 12 topics
  • Includes special sections on How to Write, How to Plan, How to Achieve Top Marks and How to Approach Translation
  • With translations into French!
What do teachers have to say about this resource? (9530)
'I really like the differentiated nature of the resource and the variety of topics covered in the questions. I particularly like the exam questions and the variety of activities. In addition, there are many questions that they will be able to attempt as independent revision or work together in groups to come up with a good answer. In addition, with the lack of past papers, this resource could also be used to assess student's writing skills.' F Lintern, Head of MFL and Independent Reviewer
What do teachers have to say about this resource? (7846)
'This is an excellent resource because it has a wide variety of texts that cover a wide range of contexts and skills to help lead to success in the GCSE reading paper at both higher and foundation tiers. It has also appropriate literary text which comes very handy for the new specification!' J I Ermina, Teacher and Ind. Reviewer
'I really like the differentiated aspect of this resource. I teach classes with a huge range of ability and so I require differentiated resources every lesson.' K Wheelwright, Teacher and Ind. Reviewer