Learning Through Songs for AS and A Level

10 songs
40 worksheets

French, German and Spanish

Enhance cultural knowledge in an active and engaging way!

Students listen to authentic target language songs from diverse cultures, genres and countries to improve their language and listening skills.

Real-world issues, such as immigration, relationships, work and festivals help them to revise important topics featured in the exams.

4 worksheets per song:

  • Understanding the song lyrics: vocab-based activities help students understand the song and learn new expressions
  • Putting the song into context: a reading activity based on a text introducing the singer or the band, followed by a translation exercise for comprehension revision
    • Activities include: answering questions, finding correct statements, finishing sentences and more.
  • Analysing the meaning of the song: in-depth exercises to develop students’ analytical skills, followed by a writing task and a class debate to stimulate speaking practice
  • Your opinion: students express their opinion on the song and justify it – an important skill for speaking and writing

For use in class or as homework!

Also available for GCSE French, German and Spanish