Stretch & Challenge Articles for GCSE AQA Chemistry

Bumper packs of engaging and highly relevant articles to accompany a whole year of the GCSE Chemistry course - 15 articles for Year 1 and 14 articles for Year 2. With follow-up activities for every article and full links to specs, this is a wonderful addition to any scheme of work.

I would use it with my GCSE students and recommend it

B Rae, HoD and Peer Reviewer
  • Fascinating examples of both cutting-edge and historic developments to engage students with Science.
  • Totally flexible – use as a core lesson element, extension activity or a homework.
  • Discussion questions and comprehension questions allow students to consolidate, then take their ideas further.
  • Keyword definitions to consolidate important concepts
  • Indicative content for all activities – great for self-/peer-marking

What do teachers say about this resource? (11529, 11583, 11584)

An outstanding and superb resource to encourage learning and further research. This resource is sufficiently challenging to stretch the most gifted and able students. It also has structured questions and short answer questions which makes it accessible to all pupils and helps to motivate them.
I like this resource as it is designed well with a clear view to challenge the most able students. I especially like that each article has clear links to the specification. I love the fact there is a range of activities such as comprehension, short answer questions rather than straight forward reading of extension articles.
I strongly feel that this resource enhances learning by pushing the students to apply what they have learnt to a real world context -which commonly occurs in exam papers.
The presentation and layout is very well organised with just the right amount of pictures to break up the text. The way the text is laid out in an organised manner makes the resource very easy for the reader to read and take in the information and remember it.
The resource matches the specification superbly. It is easy for both teacher and student to use and follow.
I would most definitely purchase this resource to use with my GCSE students and highly recommend it. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the articles in this resource. I am definitely going to use this resource with my more able students and know that they will love reading the articles and answer the questions. It will definitely nurture their love for learning and research in chemistry. I particularly found the following articles extremely interesting and informative:The gift and curse of plastic and the solution to the pollution by using biodegradable plastics – [love the discussion questions which go with this article], what is in your tap water? - and the contamination due to the lead water pipes [brilliant set of discussion questions to go with this article and a very interesting further reading associated with this article] and water treatment around the world provides provides a well written article to consolidate the theory for this topic and stretch knowledge further with a very informative set of questions.
This is an absolutely brilliant resource for AQA GCSE Chemistry. These ideas are original. This work has been created with unique style and substance. The chemistry articles are most interesting and informative, questions are very relevant the helping students achieve the higher grades/higher levels in GCSE chemistry and the questions are so much fun to do and solve. I highly recommend this resource.

A Ahmed, Private Tutor & Peer Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (7710, 7713, 7714)

The ideas were unique...I really liked the questions at the end of each article.

I would use it with my GCSE students and recommend it.

They will solidify the content and hopefully promote a love of Chemistry

It matches [the specification] perfectly.

B Rae, HoD and Peer Reviewer

The articles are well written in an interesting format, perfect for their purpose.
The key words box at the start of each article is really helpful. It is a great addition for EAL learners, and also serves as a reminder to use the keywords as much as possible for those students who are not EAL.
The concepts are presented from new perspectives. It provides unique situations, putting the concept into a real-world context which will both help to further develop the students' understanding, and their transferability of learning. The diagrams used are also helpful and not just ‘decoration’.

R Miles, Teacher & Peer Reviewer