Revision Activities (Reading & Writing) for AS AQA German

2016 Specficiation
All AS Level AQA grammar points covered!

This comprehensive guide provides helpful grammar recaps, revision tips skill-based exercises and exam-style questions to help students revise for the reading and writing exam sections.

Skill-specific worksheets for the six AQA topics on:

  • Vocabulary: topic-based exercises enable students to enhance their lexical skills
  • Grammar: easy-to-understand recaps strengthen knowledge of grammar – with worked examples and practice exercises
  • Reading: level-appropriate texts and exam-style questions give students targeted exam practice
    • Text lengths match AQA sample assessment materials
  • Activities include:
    • Recognising cognates
    • Filling in blanks
    • Matching words to definitions
    • Writing sentences
    • Choosing the correct option
    • Conjugating verbs
    • & more!
  • Translation: revision from and into the target language with vocabulary and grammar structures found in the exam
  • Plus, collaborative and engaging group activities for students to revise together, such as board games and story writing

Use as exam revision, in class or as homework!

What do teachers say about this resource? (7657)

'I particularly liked the range of activities and question types presented to engage learners in different styles of learning process, from traditional grammar exercises through to peer assessment opportunities and group/pairs work exercises. I believe that this sort of varied approach is crucial to keeping students actively involved in their own learning and in building their confidence to tackle challenges at this level.' H Scott Murphy, Senior Examiner and Ind. Reviewer

'I think the resource is highly useful, well thought out and can be used in class or given to students to work on independently from home. Excellent.' H Oberg, Head of German and Ind. Reviewer