Topic-Based Grammar and Vocabulary Revision Pack for AS French

Suitable for all exam boards!

Designed for AS Level French students, this guide uses all 4 skills to revise topic vocabulary and all 2016 spec grammar points.

Ideal for use in the run-up to exams!

Bypass the boredom of grammar and vocab revision with original materials and engaging activities!

18 subtopics covered, each with:

⇨ 1 vocab worksheet:

  • a short text or audio – authentic materials reinforce learning
  • 3–4 vocab and comprehension tasks – filling in the gaps, finding cognates, noughts and crosses, & more
  • a mind map activity for students to consolidate subtopic vocab
  • Listening, speaking, reading and writing covered
  • Original recordings and texts
  • Top tips for vocabulary and grammar revision

    … perfect for exam prep!

⇨ 1 grammar worksheet:

  • 1–2 easy-to-follow grammar recaps
  • a short text or audio with examples of grammar points
  • 2–3 grammar-based activities – conjugating verbs, correcting mistakes, writing sentences, & more

Can be used in class, as homework or as exam revision