Topic on a Page for AQA AS and A Level PE

Visual and engaging A3 (photocopiable) revision posters covering all of the key theory for the AS and A Level AQA specifications.

  • Succinct notes enable learners to develop their knowledge and understanding for their exams.
  • Carefully designed to show clear links between key topics.
  • Numerous practical examples to encourage effective application of key principles and concepts.
  • Diagrams, graphs and images to illuminate the more technical aspects of performance – valuable for visual learners and EAL students.
Each summary is provided as:
  1. A complete revision poster
  2. A partially complete poster with exercises for active revision
Both in A3 and A4 format

Versatile resource:

  • Hand out at the end of the course or at the end of a topic for revision recap
  • Hand out partially completed worksheets for in-class activities
  • Display on classroom walls as visual cues

What do teachers have to say about this resource? (7574)

Helpful, condense learning nicely. Clear and easy to use.

'The resource is very good, especially for lower ability students who need to see all the information from the topic together in order to create links and build understanding. I have spoken to many colleagues at other schools and highlighted the fact you are buying a resource that is consistently being updated and improved.' - T Collier, Head of PE & Customer

'Useful summary of each topic - students will use at end of topics and for revision. Useful to have a version for pupils to complete too.' - A Frizoni, Director of Sport & Customer

'Excellent resource for revision purposes and key assessments, class tasks, etc. Clear, concise, to the point, matches specification very well.' - Roddam, SLPE & customer

'The quality and detail of the information per page is very good. Each page clearly breaks down the required information into manageable sections. This will definitely help students with the revision process, breaking down the information into bitesize chunks and can be used alongside teaching of topics.' - S James, PE Teacher & Independent Reviewer.

What do teachers have to say about this resource? (7925)

'Very good, enabled students to create links between knowledge from the same topic by seeing it all on one page. Very good introduction to topics as the new specification has increased in content and rigour.' - T Collier, Head of PE & customer

'An excellent tool to give to the students for revision. I liked the fact that the sections are clear and have images and diagrams to back up the written explanations. I can tell that lots of time and effort has gone into the creation of this resource.' - R Burns, Teacher and examiner for A level PE & Independent Reviewer

'Easy to use. Good for end of topic or start of topic to get students to independently prepare for a topic.' - Atkinson-Tait, Head of PE & Customer

'This resource clearly sums up the topic areas well in a concise manner, which will help students as a recap or revision tool. Students can use this resource in a manner of ways which I think is a key benefit to having this resource.' - S James, PE Teacher and Independent Reviewer.