GCSE OCR B Topic Tests

Ensure complete coverage with these topic-by-topic question banks – written specifically for the 2016 OCR (9 – 1) GCSE Geography B specification (J384).

Within each test, questions progress from short/factual to longer-answer or exam-style. Every test is differentiated with an extension section that can be offered to higher ability students. Tests are provided in a write-on and non-write-on format for flexibility. Full answers are provided so students can return to their completed tests to revise!

  • Every specification subtopic covered
  • Each topic divided into tests which can be undertaken in class or as a homework activity
  • The number of tests per unit allows one test to be set every fortnight over a two year course of study if using the full set of resources
  • Includes clear, detailed mark schemes

Perfect for continued assessment, and progress tracking throughout the GCSE. See which areas your class are strong on & which need a recap.

COMPONENT 01: Our Natural World
Topic 1: Global Hazards 4 topic tests
Topic 2: Changing Climate 4 topic tests
Topic 3: Distinctive Landscapes 4 topic tests
Topic 4: Sustaining Ecosystems 4 topic tests

COMPONENT 02: People and Society
Topic 5: Urban Futures 4 topic tests
Topic 6: Dynamic Development 4 topic tests
Topic 7: UK in the 21st Century 4 topic tests
Topic 8: Resource Reliance 4 topic tests
What do teachers have to say about this resource? (7543)
"I thought the layout was clear, not cluttered and with very good visual diagrams. Very good match to the specification." - N. Roe, Teacher & Independent Reviewer
"Questions are clear and well written and it has a good range of sources and figures to develop student’s geographical skills." - E. Mogridge, HoD & Independent Reviewer