The Crucible: Springboard Scheme of Work for GCSE Drama

Set text for:
  • AQA 2016 spec
  • Edexcel 2016 spec

Introduce Arthur Miller’s classic tale of intolerance and hysteria in a practical way with this eight-lesson, ready-to-use springboard scheme of work!

Covering key thematic and theatrical elements, it will help students to gain solid grounding of the events of the text while exploring performance, design and directorial aspects:

  • Eight one-hour lessons explore all relevant aspects of the play – including context, characters, themes, form, and staging
    • Key moments from each act covered
    • Lesson plans with starters, mains, plenaries and homeworks, plus plenty of ideas for differentiation
  • Variety of practical activities engages students with active exploration, experimentation and peer- and self-evaluation
  • Ready-to-use handouts mean minimal preparation – also perfect as quick, end-of-year revision sheets!

Fully geared towards the 2016 GCSE Drama specifications, these exciting and engaging lessons will increase students’ core knowledge – and develop crucial dramatic skills.

Perfect preparation for not only the written exam, but for any other component of the course!

What do teachers say about this resource? (7473)

From the very first page, this resource exudes an air of confidence, authority and practical usefulness, which is fully sustained as the course is worked through. Like a favourite tool in the box of tricks the drama teacher calls on, this will be invaluable... What I liked is that it is sufficiently detailed to serve as a reasonable starting point for study of a serious classic of 20th Century drama, yet is also capable of being developed and expanded on by drama teachers who must by their very nature be inventive, innovative and curious. It doesn’t neglect the need to try out sections in a realistic way on stage and to a potential audience. This is particularly useful for textual studies at all levels... It brings together a deal of prior learning on drama techniques, practitioners, interpreting themes from a text and starting to develop characterisation skills. It is indeed, as stated, suitable as a text intro for a variety of studies required by all the exam boards in their different ways. It can be followed through or dipped into, so there is value for teachers and their students... Presentation is good... The lesson plan layouts are crystal clear and proceed logically with ideas for actually running the lessons with real students.

D Porter, Examiner & Peer Reviewer