Getting to Know… La casa de Bernarda Alba

A detailed and comprehensive resource that will not only provide students and teachers with a wealth of useful and relevant information to guide them through all aspects of the play, it will also help students to develop their language skills for other parts of the AS and A2 exams’J I Ermina, Teacher, Examiner and Ind. Reviewer
Suitable for:
  • AQA AS & A Level
  • Edexcel AS & A Level
  • Eduqas AS & A Level
  • WJEC A Level
  • CCEA A Level

This comprehensive resource for studying La Casa de Bernarda Alba – considered by some critics as Federico García Lorca’s greatest play – is specifically tailored to the AS and A Level exams.

A thorough yet accessible analysis of the entire play, with ready-to-use research tasks, worksheets, analysis and practice exam questions. Students will know the play inside out and be fully prepared for the writing exam.

  • Special sections on: characters, themes, sociocultural context, dramatic techniques and important scenes.
  • Worksheets cover translation skills, grammar and language. By studying grammar and vocabulary in the context of the play, students develop language skills directly relevant to the exam.
  • Exam-style questions split by board and level for exam preparation.
  • Annotated model essays to help students plan and structure their answers.