Multiple Choice Practice Questions for A Level OCR Physics A

A superb revision tool and confidence builder for this challenging question type, new to A Level Physics!

  • Each pack contains two sets of over 100 original questions with answers, testing every topic in the new specification for comprehensive practice in all areas.
  • Covers applied knowledge, facts and calculations – just like the real exams.

But it gets better!

  • Answers for the first set of 100+ questions have fully worked solutions and step-by-step explanations of incorrect answers. Students self-mark, learn how they went wrong and develop effective strategies.
  • Students then apply these new skills to a second set of 100+ questions to reinforce learning – a fantastic boost to exam preparation!

Perfect for homework, in-class revision or cover lessons, with no teacher preparation required.

What do teachers say about this resource? (7425)

It’s excellent to have a repository of MCQ questions broken down by topic – it really helps to facilitate student practice and is versatile. I could use this as homework, in-class extension/ revision or assessment. A great item to have in the filing cabinet. Really good coverage of the specification and a variety of questions asked. I really like how there are explanations for the first section of questions in order to help students to self-assess/problem solve and then tackle another set of questions. It fulfils a distinct need within my resources.

C Knight, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

Excellent - there are not many MCQs available and so this is very good practice.

S Dhaliwal, Teacher & Customer

An excellent resource for the new specification for the new OCR Specification...helps understand areas of the specification where student are weak

K Lewis, Independent Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (7300)

This type of resource will be invaluable in helping students prepare for this type of questioning. Absolutely invaluable.

P Holmes, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

Excellent - there are not many MCQs available and so this is very good practice... It allows them to practice their technique for these style of questions ready for the exam - S Dhaliwal, Teacher and ZigZag Customer

A very good range of multiple choice questions which test all areas of the subject. Concepts are tested well and numerical questions are well written. This resource makes the learners think and answers to many questions are very detailed.

K Lewis, Independent Reviewer