Topic on a Page for Edexcel GCSE PE

Excellent... I am a big fan indeed...

R Flowers, HoD & Customer

Visually engaging A3 posters with concise, easy-to-learn summaries of every specification topic. Help students see the bigger picture on an entire topic.

Included for each of the 10-14 topics:

  1. Summary Poster giving at-a-glance overview
  2. Partially complete Activity Poster to test knowledge

in both photocopiable A3 and A4 formats

  • Diagrams and images illuminate key concepts
  • Many Sporting examples to promote effective application
  • Revision success tip boxes to aid exam preparation

Pupils are able to work independently with this resource which matches the new Ofsted Framework perfectly

R Flowers, Head of PE & Peer Reviewer
  • Perfect for end-of-topic consolidation
  • Use as place mats or as a classroom display
  • Great knowledge organisers; perfect revision overviews before exams
  • Partially complete Activity Posters make an excellent homework

One the best thing you guys offer as a resource from ZigZag

R Flowers, Head of PE & Peer Reviewer
Upgrade to PDF for colour versions of the posters
Samples of one Summary Poster and the corresponding Activity Poster are shown below. Click to expand.
For an overview of the whole resource, click on the Preview button.

What do teachers say about this resource? (7215)

Spot on. I feel this one the best thing you guys offer as a resource from ZigZag. Pupils are able to work independently with this resource which matches the new Ofsted Framework perfectly. It’s not a resource we have to (as teachers) go through and do more work with. I find this resource fantastic, please buy it as your kids will too. A great revision tool.

R Flowers, Head of PE & Peer Reviewer

Excellent. Covers topics really well...Helps bridge any gaps, particularly useful for students who may have missed lessons. Up to date and in a really good format...very student friendly. Saves lots of time in preparing revision resources.

S Collings, Head of PE & Customer

The resource is of high quality and could be used for a revision tool or as a flip learning task. The resource is clearly laid out and explained. The mind-maps are detailed, but are not too cramped on the pages...all the information is accessible. The diagrams are accurate and help to reinforce the learning visually. All key terms are defined and target language is used. The resource is of particular help to students who struggle to take clear and concise notes during lessons.

S Sheppard, PE Teacher & Peer Reviewer

Excellent! I am a big fan indeed... They are easy to use for all learners... It's the only version I have ever felt happy to use over again. They are brilliant.

R Flowers, HoD & Customer

Very useful. This resource is great, it can be used both in learning and revision. Supporting students developing new understanding as well as supporting them in re-capping previously learnt work.

S Wills, Deputy Head of PE, Examiner & Peer Reviewer.

What do teachers say about this resource? (7216)

Fantastic. Use of vibrant colours [PDF & Word Versions], alongside images and texts is a great aid for students, drawing attention to aspects of the page without losing sight of the whole page. Loads of information on the page without appearing to cluttered. Key aspects of the course are well broken down, allowing students to add to and supplement the content of the resource with their own knowledge. Great for a wide range of uses; revision, teaching, recapping and extending knowledge.

S Wills, Head of Boys PE & Peer Reviewer.

I think that the resource was really well structured and would prove to be a fantastic revision tool for all students. The mixture of pictures and clear/concise points would make it suitable for students of all abilities. I really liked the 'revision success tip' box that was on some of the pages. This provides students will a useful point/s to consider for their exams. The examples used on all topic pages were fantastic and would help students understand any misconceptions they may have. Well worth the money.

E Drury, PE Teacher & Peer Reviewer.

The topic on a page, one of my favourite resources that ZigZag offer indeed. Pupils just get them! I don’t need to do anything with them, they can just get them and crack straight on with them. The lower ability students find these so helpful and LSAs can work easily with them. You should use these resources as it’s great.

R Flowers, Head of PE & Customer

Good... nice and easy to follow. Good detail throughout... matches the spec and complements well.

A McKeever, PE Teacher & Peer Reviewer

Easy to use for all learners... They can use them independently and as a class.

R Flowers, HoD & Customer