An A-Z of Short Reading Texts for GCSE French

Save time searching for suitable texts and activities for foundation and higher GCSE!

This differentiated pack of engaging texts and exercises helps students navigate culturally relevant topics and gain the reading skills they need for the exam.

Creative and targeted learning

Students will:

  • study new vocabulary and improve lexical skills with a diverse range of topics and texts
  • recognise and understand grammatical features and apply these to non-verbal and verbal exercises
  • learn to extract important information from texts in preparation for the exam

Easy to fit into your scheme of work

  • No preparation needed! Use each stand-alone worksheet for exam revision, as homework or as cover lessons
  • Hand out foundation and higher-tier worksheets tailored to students' needs
  • Check answers for quick marking

  • Level of language matches the 2016 specifications for all boards
This is a brilliant resource and I love the fact that it is quite quirky, using the letters of the alphabet for the different text stimuli. C Woodward, Teacher and Independent Reviewer