Learning Grids for GCSE AQA Trilogy Science

A fantastic way to support weaker learners!

Students read their textbooks/notes to complete a grid of questions in exact specification order.

Exemplar completed grids for easy marking and provide revision notes with full specification coverage!

The structured and active learning method helps students understand the key points and build confidence.

Brilliant for students who learn best by doing. Dramatically improves learning for learners in need of additional support; highly motivating.

It covers the content in a logical order and goes into sufficient detail for the kind of student who would be most likely to use it

A Shaw, Teacher and Peer Reviewer

  • Requires minimal teacher planning and input – great for cover lessons
  • An easy-to-set, valuable homework option
  • Pinpoint topic strengths and weaknesses for targeted support
  • Includes testing of key skills for practicals and Maths calculations

Each Learning Grid includes:

  • Quick-testing questions
  • Labelling questions
  • Missing information / Matching key terms
  • Explain-a-process / Longer written questions
  • Applied-knowledge and/or Maths questions
  • Experiment Time / Required Practicals questions
  • Quick Quiz
Cross-referenced to approved textbooks for the spec:
  • AQA GCSE Biology, 3rd edition (Oxford, 2016)
  • AQA Chemistry, 3rd Edition (Oxford, 2016)
  • AQA Physics for GCSE Combined Science: Trilogy Third edition (Oxford, 2016)
  • AQA GCSE (9–1) Biology (Hodder, 2016)
  • AQA GCSE (9-1) Chemistry (Hodder, 2016)
  • AQA Science Biology (Nelson Thornes, 2016)
  • AQA GCSE Biology for Combined Science (Trilogy) Student Book, 3rd Edition (Oxford, 2016)
  • AQA GCSE (9-1) Chemistry Student Book (Collins, 2016)

Very easy way for students to review knowledge and check they are making progress

K Greenslade, Head of Biology & Peer Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (7402, 7811)

Really high quality resource. Good detail and link across to specification points. No waffle. It is clear and detailed, and student friendly. Very ‘fit for purpose’ and saves us a large amount of time and money. It’s excellent.

S Jones, Teacher & Customer

Fantastic - really concise, and excellent practice of application for students.

Answers to hand is perfect, and students really like the opportunity to quickly check their understanding and progress.

These save huge amounts of time, match the specification perfectly and students really like the accessibility of these.

C Forrest, Teacher and Peer Reviewer

It would be greatly appreciated by our many EAL and SEN students.

It covers the content in a logical order and goes into sufficient detail for the kind of student who would be most likely to use it.

A Shaw, Teacher and Peer Reviewer

Matches the plans for the new spec very well.

I also liked the range of maths questions and recall of units etc

A Sellers, Teacher and Peer Reviewer