Course Companion for AQA AS & A Level PE

Keep students on the right track for the AQA AS/A-Level qualifications with these clear and comprehensive course notes. Written in a student-friendly language and organised in specification order, including:

  • A topic overview page, with clear learning outcomes and key terms
  • Accessible notes at an appropriate level and in sufficient depth
  • End-of-topic consolidation questions to review the topic and assess students’ learning
  • Thought-provoking visual images and diagrams to stimulate all learners

Expands on a very limited specification [AQA]...

...Opportunities to be used in starters, homework’s and plenaries

T Collier HoD & customer
Build and apply knowledge…
  • ‘Apply’, ‘Did you know’ and ‘Case studies’ boxes inspire further research and encourage application of knowledge to sporting examples
  • Study tips provide helpful methods to memorise key content
  • ‘Things to think about’ opportunities for in-class discussion springboards

Perfect with...
ZigZag Educations Technical Learning Grids for AQA AS and A Level PE

What do teachers say about this resource? (7168)

Excellent. I like the overall layout and how it is split into the different topic areas. I feel the diagrams are useful to support the text.The educational value of this resource would be for use by the teacher to plan lessons and ensure all the key points are included. Or alternatively could be used as a comprehension activity, reading the topic and completing the exam questions.

R Burns, Course Leader & Peer Reviewer

This is an incredibly useful resource that gives full details and information across the specification. The layout is very student-friendly and gives clear information and advice. Perfect for any teacher or student. ... It is an excellent resource that comprehensively covers the specification but in a very succinct and precise way. Very useful for students who are working independently. Clear, simple (in a good way) layout. Very comprehensive.

A Duggan, Lecturer & Peer Reviewer

Excellent level of detail for a course companion. Enables access to top level marks, but as also clear examples to help less able pupils to access resource.

M Webdale, Director of Sport & Peer Reviewer.

What do teachers say about this resource? (7716)

Good to have a document that expands on a very limited specification [AQA]. Provides opportunities for the resource to be used in starters, homework’s and plenaries.

T Collier HoD & customer