A Level AQA Geography Keyword Activities

More than just a glossary...

These stimulating topic-by-topic activities ensure students get to grips with the essential terminology in the 2016 A Level AQA specification.

Every keyword and term is defined and taught through a series of activities and memory games.

The content for each Topic is broken down into 4–11 sets of keywords, with sub-topics linked to the specification key ideas.

  • Varied and engaging activities build confidence and familiarity with need-to-know terms
  • Student-friendly definitions make complex terms accessible to all
  • Flexible, ready-to-use worksheets for classwork or homework
  • Answers included – perfect for revision and self-assessment

A high quality resource. I use the crosswords with high and middle ability and the word-match activities with my lower ability students. Dominoes allow all students access and make learning fun

M Sidell, HoD & Peer Reviewer

For topics that are applicable to the AS Geography Specification (7036), these resources are still suitable for AS only teaching, or co-teaching.