Getting to Know... Sophie Scholl

Suitable for:
  • AQAAS and A Level
  • Edexcel A Level

Ready-to-use research tasks, worksheets, background information and practice exam questions ensure comprehensive understanding of this award-winning, Oscar-nominated 2005 film by Marc Rothemund. Students will get to know Sophie Scholl inside out and be fully prepared for the AS and A Level writing exams. The structure offers the perfect balance between guided classwork and independent study:

  • Before: Introductory tasks covering related vocabulary, relevant language structures and historical and political context give students a solid foundation for their study.
  • During: The comprehensive scene-by-scene analysis ensures thorough understanding. Students consolidate their knowledge of the film through activities that include: vocabulary, comprehension, translation, grammar, discussion, research and writing.
  • After: Provides critical examination of all main themes and issues and cinematographic techniques used, including: colours, music, camerawork and symbolism. Detailed sections on the film’s director and actors. Followed by a bespoke exam section covering new AQA and Edexcel requirements, tips and sample essays with activities for both AS and A Level.