GCSE AQA A RS Topic on a Page: Study of Religions

Unique and highly visual learning and revision resources ensure students know their religions inside out.

A really high quality resource, an excellent set of notes for students to take away and the potential for lots of revision time to be saved in class.

E Hodkinson, RS Teacher & Peer Reviewer
All spec points covered!
  • key concepts defined
  • scriptural quotations
  • contrasting views

For each religion:

  • 4+ summary A3s
  • 15+ A3 worksheets
  • 15+ subtopic A4s
Flexible format – easy to fit into your lessons:
  1. For each subtopic:
    1. A3 activity worksheets with varied tasks and space for notes – test knowledge and aid memory
    2. Completed A4 summary – check answers and review content
  2. All subtopics combined on 4–5 comprehensive A3 posters – bring it all together in an easy-to-digest summary

Use activity worksheets while teaching the course or to recap subtopics, and summary sheets for end-of-theme revision, classroom display, and more! Great for visual learners, and accessible for all abilities.

The resource is excellent and can be used in a wide variety of ways. It provides a clear and accurate starting point and potential revision resource

S O'Connell, HoD & Customer

Also available for Component 2: Thematic Studies and Short Course

What do teachers say about this resource? (8753, 8990)

Fantastic resource – covers everything needed! It can be used for cover lessons and homework and in place of expensive textbooks. It is exam board specific and presented in a student-friendly way. Buy it! Excellent resource – better than some of the leading publishers' textbooks

L Campbell, HoD & Customer

It’s a really good resource, it will be used by teachers who are non-specialists to improve their subject knowledge and it also works as an ‘easy on the eye’ resource for students to use for revision and as a knowledge organiser at the start of the topic. It is very user friendly... I really like the way the resource flows and ‘does what it says on the tin’ – it really is a topic on a page! Offers opportunities for students to develop their understanding of beliefs, teachings and practices – these are difficult concepts for students and it allows these to be explored/revised in an easier way... I would purchase, and recommend this resource for both teachers and students. I will be encouraging some members of my team who are non-specialists to use this resource to develop their own knowledge and understanding

E Clark, HoD & Peer Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (6883)

Brilliant! I love this concept… Will create that priceless commodity amongst teachers: confidence… This resource will greatly enhance learning… I like the posters… The idea of students filling in the gaps and being able to cross-reference the right answer on a separate page is a great idea too… Will act as a fantastic revision tool… The writing tasks ensure that students properly engage with the content of the specification… Presentation and layout are excellent… Information is reinforced on easier-to-digest sub-topic pages. Excellent!... It matches the specification exactly… In theory, all schools should need this… The quality is phenomenal… An inordinate amount of thought and effort has clearly gone into producing this resource… I honestly cannot see any way that this resource could be improved!... This resource should be close to the top of every Head of RE’s priority list for their budget

C Pountain, HoD & Peer Reviewer

A really high quality resource, an excellent set of notes for students to take away and the potential for lots of revision time to be saved in class. I really like these resources. I particularly like the layout, they look really attractive and work well for students’ revision. I like that there is a version that has blanks with it and can be filled in, lots of time saved with this. There is nothing I really dislike about this... Really well presented, it's what I like best about these resources. You could never make something as professional and as thorough as this yourself at home

E Hodkinson, RS Teacher & Peer Reviewer

Comprehensive, well organised and well formatted. It breaks down the different topics into manageable chunks and the fact that there is a topic per page means that students aren't overwhelmed by the material but can work through it methodically. As we approach the mock exams, these resources have proved invaluable as revision resources. They are also useful for students who have finished the classwork and who need some consolidation / extension activities while the rest of the class catches up. This resource has saved my department a huge amount of time as we haven't needed to spend hours making revision sources and activities for students. It has also been really useful having electronic copies that we can edit slightly or put on our school learning platform so that students can work through the resources at their own pace.

R Mackie, HoD & Customer

A brilliant resource. The information is clear and well presented... The resource is excellent and can be used in a wide variety of ways. It provides a clear and accurate starting point and potential revision resource

S O'Connell, HoD & Customer

Really excellent. Very detailed, good use of quotes and key information. Students really liked the A3 sheets to complete – good layout. Sets out the key information – topic per page – clearly and concisely. Better than just having the text book; students can annotate and highlight material

M Lewis, Hod & Customer

An excellent summary of key information. Good presentation/ easy to read. It was tailored to the specification content. It can be used in different ways and different parts of the resource were able to be used with different students for targeted support. It can be used to plan differentiation and to support interventions. Students have found it useful as part of their exam preparation. We are very pleased with this resource.

A Hodgson, RS Teacher & Customer

Really good basic information with clear layout. It is quick and convenient – saves me hours of work

J Wade, RS Teacher & Customer

I thought this was a good resource which comprehensively covers the specification [...] It would make a good set of revision posters which in my experience is something that students like to have [...] Given that this is now a linear specification and so students could be revising for this nearly two years after studying it then this will act as a nice refresher, reminding them what key points they need to go back to their notes and look at [...] I like the author’s idea of blank versions which students where students could fill in the missing sections. Very often teachers struggle with revision activities and so this could provide activities spread across a few lessons [...] Looking at the AQA approved OUP text book the majority of the terminology used is the same, which would help to avoid confusion

H Matltby, HoD & Peer Reviewer

Very good resource for lesson planning and has many different topics which lessons can be planned around... it gives examples which can be used in the final exam

C Green, RS Teacher & Peer Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (8182, 8192)

Really good. I would thoroughly recommend it to others, the layouts are beautiful and they will make excellent revision activities either at the end of the unit or before the exam... Could see them being completed by students for homework or as part of an assessment in class too. A top quality resource

E Hodkinson, HoD & Peer Reviewer

This is a really useful resource and can be used as a knowledge organiser for the whole subject. The sheets that come with it are great for revision. It has tonnes of information on, clearly laid out and covers everything needed for the specification. I use this in multiple ways – I set homework on specific parts of it to check knowledge on what we've already covered. For revision purposes I give them the sheets with 'fill in' spaces on and they do as much as they can, they then get the full sheets to check their work and fill in any gaps in their understanding.

Nicola, HoD & Customer