Keyword Activity Packs for GCSE AQA Chemistry

Comprehensive photocopiable activity packs to help students enjoy learning the essential terms for the course.

A great time saver for quick starter and plenaries...

L Biddis, DT HoD & Peer Reviewer

Glossary builders, dominoes, and crosswords (including interactive versions) are among 7 engaging activities making learning and using key terms fun!

  • Student-friendly definitions make complex terms accessible to all
  • Comprehensive solutions for easy marking
  • Games as starters/plenaries
  • Flash cards for revision
  • Crosswords for homework - choose from Foundation or Higher Tier
  • Glossary builders great for individual or pair work

Great tool for boosting student grades as they get to grips with technical terms

P Farley, Teacher & RS Customer

Samples of crosswords, dominoes and flash cards are shown below. For an overview of 'Activity Types' and additional samples, click on the Preview button. To see the HTML menu, click on the image above.
Full list of activities for every topic: ❶ Match-up ❷ Table Fill ❸ Crosswords ❹ Bingo ❺ Dominoes ❻ Write Your Own ❼ Flash Cards