Differentiated Exam Practice for GCSE AQA German

Available for Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening

Give your students the best chance of success come exam time with these comprehensive packs of differentiated worksheets!

Candidates will improve key language skills and develop crucial exam technique while becoming fully familiar with the new 2016 specification requirements:

  • Full differentiation, with separate worksheets available for foundation and higher – choose worksheets appropriate to the needs of you class
  • Each pack broken down by AQA topic with a wealth of varied, exam-style tasks to draw upon – the perfect way to support ongoing study in class and at home!
  • All content carefully matched to 2016 AQA Sample Assessment Materials
  • Full answers, indicative content and AQA-style mark schemes for easy self-, peer- and teacher assessment
  • 72 worksheets covering 12 topics
  • Includes 5 levels of differentiation – including crossover worksheets to support borderline students and G&T tasks to stretch the most able
  • Additional translation tasks into English!
  • 48 worksheets covering 12 topics
  • Includes special sections on How to Write, How to Plan, How to Achieve Top Marks and How to Approach Translation
  • With translations into French!
  • 96 worksheets covering 12 topics
  • Includes candidate, teacher and examiner worksheets for students to practise in exam-style conditions
  • 60 worksheets covering 12 topics
  • Includes recordings by native speakers on CD
  • With full transcripts

What do teachers have to say about this resource? (7552)
'Very good. It differentiates well between Foundation/Crossover/Higher. Very good for developing confidence in foundation level pupils'. C Morris, Head of German and ZigZag Education Customer
"A carefully constructed resource to match the new specification for GCSE German Listening and with relevant material corresponding to the different ability levels of candidates." -- E Winter, Head of MFL and Ind. Reviewer
What do teachers have to say about this resource? (7965)
'The resource is well done and it will definately help teachers with their teaching, particularly at the beginning of this new spec. I think this is an excellent and well thought through resource for students to practice for the new GCSE specification speaking exam in German. All the AQA topics are covered, which allows students of all abilities to develop their speaking skills as there are differentiated exercises.' J I Ermina, MFL Teacher and Independent Reviewer
'The topics of the activities are varied and mirror the specification well. [...] I especially like the differentiated peer assessment sheets, which will help the students to focus exactly on what is needed to gain marks in each specific task of their oral exam and will hopefully lead to more useful use of language when answering each question.' H Oberg, Head of German and Independent Reviewer.
What do teachers have to say about this resource? (7563)
'This is a useful resource, which can be used alongside teaching of the AQA syllabus'. H Oberg, Head of German and Ind. Reviewer
'A useful tool for students and teachers to develop skills and confidence in this crucial and challenging skill area. Many will feel trepidation at the prospect of a real writing exam without the props provided by controlled assessment, and a resource such as this can help develop familiarity and confidence.' H Scott Murphy, Examiner, and Ind. Reviewer
What do teachers have to say about this resource? (6783)
'Very clearly differentiated – students could self-direct or be directed by the teacher. Very useful for individual study – especially the translations into English. Excellent use of vocab from the spec.' J Tipton, MFL Teacher and Independent Reviewer