GCSE OCR B Dynamic Geography Activity Packs

Engage your students with every topic of 2016 OCR B GCSE specification with these lively Activity Packs containing instructions, worksheets, self-assessment sheets and answers. A great way for students to explore each topic while developing their research and communication skills.

Easy to use!

  • Perfectly structured to each spec point
  • Instructions for Teacher and Student make delivery a breeze
  • Pull out worksheets and integrate into your lesson plans
  • Suitable for quick starters through to full lessons, including homework options!
  • Minimal planning required - ideal for cover lessons

‘Engages learners of all abilities and learning preferences’ E Johns, Head of Geography

  • Range of individual, small-group or whole-class activities
  • Covers a range of VAK learning styles
  • Differentiated: Supports lower- and challenges higher-ability students

Plus! PowerPoint slides on CD to add extra visual stimuli!

Useful for teachers to integrate into their schemes of work, providing frameworks for tasks which direct students learning well. E Johns, Head of Geography & Independent Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (6715)

Really helpful in knowing the key terms and detail knowledge needed for exam questions... This is a real time-saver and provides ideas to augment schemes of learning with minimum effect.

K. Bate, Teacher & Peer Reviewer