Learning Grids for AS and A Level AQA Chemistry

A brilliant idea designed to support weaker students. Students have to read their textbook/notes to complete a grid of questions in specification order. Progressive structure encourages students to work through a topic logically, helping them grasp the basics before tackling the applied questions.

A godsend for students who find it difficult to absorb information in class and for the less willing. Leads to active learning, identification of key points and the structuring of information.

  • Particularly supports 'hands-on' learners who need to write information down to absorb it
  • An easy-to-set, yet valuable homework
  • Requires minimal preparation and interaction from the teacher - great for cover lessons!
  • Result! Revision notes - with full spec coverage!

Cross-referenced to the following textbooks for the new spec:

  • AQA Chemistry, A Level Year 1 and AS (Oxford, 2015)
  • AQA Chemistry, A Level Year 2 (Oxford, 2015)
  • A-Level Chemistry AQA Year 1 and 2 (CGP, 2015)

Includes key skills for practicals and Maths

What do teachers say about this resource? (7220)

I like this resource very much. It will be very useful in revision of the various sections of the organic course, both at the end of the course and on completion of each individual topic. I am certain that my A level students will value this and would use it productively.

Easy to use. Linked closely to learning outcomes. Clearly presented and ideal resource for revision.

An excellent useful resource.

J Wheeler, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (6684)

A good revision tool for students going through the course.

B Rae, HoD & Peer Reviewer