AS and A Level Edexcel Religious Studies Course Companions

Very student friendly and easy to incorporate into any learning opportunity

S Nurse, RS Teacher & Customer

Simplify your planning with these definitive companions - the perfect examination preparation covering all 2016 specification points.

  • Follows the spec order exactly in manageable sections – simple to slot into your scheme of work
  • Special focus on analytical skills, including strengths and weaknesses of debates, to hit AO2 marks
  • Key terms defined throughout to familiarise religious and philosophical terminology
  • With anthology references for A Level students

Student-friendly notes provide easy-to-digest information for every topic, while interesting questions and activities throughout engage students and ensure they apply their new knowledge.

  • Including starter activities, active learning tasks, discussion questions, research activities, exam-prep exercises, quizzes with answers, and more!

Fantastic either as a full workbook for students to use in lessons or as guide for teachers on how to approach the material

R Jowett, RS Teacher & Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (6671, 6672)

Delighted with it, clear and detailed, great in the absence of an official textbook. Specific to the new specification and so detailed. The level of detail is great for high ability candidates as it stretches and challenges. I wish I had it earlier, get it to massively cut down your preparation time

C Cotterill, HoD & Customer

Delighted! In the absence of a textbook this is going to be very helpful! Gives confidence, allows for preparatory reading and consolidation. Great resources to encourage independence. Spec specific and a great level of detail. Essential part of the A level toolkit, I wish I had it earlier to make planning easier!

C Cotterill, HoD & Customer

Super. A useful introduction to Year 2 as still no text book available endorsed by the board. It augments our meagre supply of resources! The Meta Ethics section has gone down well with my students today. Can be used in conjunction with existing resources and ZigZag Key word activities. For a first time A Level teacher I have found this very useful. Buy it – saves heaps of time!

S Nurse, RS Teacher & Customer

Very, very good. As I have taught this last year, it will be a great resource to augment my teaching. Very student friendly and easy to incorporate into any learning opportunity. I am enjoying using it.

S Nurse, RS Teacher & Customer

Fantastic resource… really accessible for students and teachers… Easy to read, whilst still being informative… The dividing of each topic into sections… [is] very useful for learners and teachers… Provides a wealth of information for learners… References a wide range of scholars… [and] provides key information… Layout of each topic allows learners to prepare successfully for the examinations… Comprehensive… certainly an excellent starting block for all learners, giving opportunity to support all abilities and offering opportunities for students to further develop their knowledge and understanding… Completely in line with the specification… I feel that I am reading a more fully detailed spec!... Learners shall be confident in using the resource as a revision aid… I would wish to use [it] immediately with my learnersGreat quality

V Austin, RS Teacher & Peer Reviewer

Very useful, clearly laid out and covering the specification. Worth getting.

H Walters, HoD & Customer

The treatment of the various theories and ideas was clear and concise. There is the right balance if detail and it is easy to read, which will keep students engaged. This will be highly beneficial not only to students but also teachers who are trying to navigate new specifications and linear A-Level planning... I particularly like the thought points and case studies, for example Just War Theory applied to the UK involvement in the Iraq War. There are also significant opportunities for stretch and challenge and links to exam prep, with the distinction between AO1 and AO2. Fantastic either as a full workbook for students to use in lessons or as guide for teachers on how to approach the material and prompt for lesson activities. The section on ethical language is great considering this is a notoriously difficult area to explain and the resource does this really well. I particularly liked the diagram of cognitive/non-cognitive theories to show students how they related to each other... The layout is clear and methodical, the balance of text, pictures and thought points meant it is easy to read and student friendly... It matches the specification clearly, with weight given to each philosopher and how various theories developed... Gives teachers a starting point on what to cover

R Jowett, RS Teacher & Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (9367)

A fantastic resource for lesson planning and advanced reading. The spec is covered in good detail and the content is laid out in a student-friendly format which means they can use it independently. It provides a detailed explanation of the key themes of the spec and provides a range of thoughtful discussion points. Students can work independently and can complete guided reading to prepare for lessons. It saves hours in planning and researching lessons and is suited to the needs of students in helping them secure excellent grades. Great match.

P Farley, RS Teacher & Customer

Very valuable given the absence still of any textbook from the exam board. Clearly laid out, easy for staff and students to use with a range of activities. Provides a firm foundation for both staff and students. Ensures you are on the right track.

F Allen, RS Teacher & Customer

What do teachers say about this resource? (12055)

This is a comprehensive course companion that details out all students are required to know for the exam and is accessible for A level students. The level of detail is equivalent to a text book.

B Webster, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (9798)

The resource followed the specification closely and contained all the content required within the spec points for a student to achieve the highest marks in the exam. The strength of resource was the detail and accuracy of the content. It was thorough, effectively a text book on the 3 units and stuck closely to the specification requirements. This would be useful as a revision resource and also as an independent learning resource. I might use it in a classroom situation as a text book substitute and also to help plan lessons.

B Webster, Deputy Head, Teacher, Examiner & Peer Reviewer

I find this resource really helpful for both me and my students. It is in-depth and clear to understand. I find the resource is especially good for encouraging extra reading around the subject and deepening their understanding of the topic at hand. There are not a lot of resources out there for New Testament Studies and this is one of the better ones. 

L Watson, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (9368)

This is a very comprehensive resource that contains all the content necessary to achieve the highest mark in the course. It is well structured around the specification, with a wide collection of different scholars – essentially a text book that is directed towards the Edexcel specification. It is thorough, accurate and comprehensive. This is valuable both as a revision resource and to use for pre-reading as well as in class activities.

B Webster, RS Teacher & Peer Reviewer