Getting to Know... Solas (Benito Zambrano)

Suitable for:

Ready-to-use research tasks, worksheets, background information and practice exam questions ensure comprehensive understanding of Benito Zambrano’s Goya-winning film. Students will get to know Solas inside out and be fully prepared for the AS and A Level writing exams.

Written specifically for the 2016 specifications, the structure offers the perfect balance between guided classwork and independent study:

  • Before: Introductory tasks covering cinematic tendencies and techniques and contemporary issues affecting Spanish society provide students with the basic knowledge to begin their study.
  • During: Comprehensive work-through of the themes and features of the film ensures thorough analysis. Students will consolidate their understanding of the plot while evaluating key concepts and issues.
    • Themes include la soledad, el machismo and la violencia de género
    • Task-based approach incorporates a variety of activity types, including vocabulary, translation, comprehension, writing and speaking
  • After: Dedicated exam-preparation section with exam-style practice questions and essay-writing guidance.