Topic on a Page for BTEC Nationals in Health and Social Care

Great at the end of a topic or unit as a visual reminder and easy for the learner to use as scaffolding

K Wright, HSC Teacher, Moderator & Peer Reviewer

Visual and engaging A3 photocopiable revision posters covering all of the key theory content for each unit of the 2016 BTEC Nationals in Health and Social Care Specification.

  • Succinct notes enable learners to develop their knowledge and understanding for their exams
  • Carefully designed to show clear links between key topic areas
  • Numerous examples to encourage effective application to the Health and Social Care Industry
  • Diagrams and images to illuminate key concepts – valuable for visual learners and EAL students

The diagrammatic representations and explanations of topics...

...add immense value to this resource

D Maitra, Lead Teacher & Peer Reviewer
Each summary is provided as:
  1. A complete revision poster
  2. Differentiated write-on activity posters with focused and varied tasks - providing two versions of each page allowing you to tailor work to the needs of individual learners.
Both in A3 and A4 format

Versatile resource:

Has multiple uses and is highly accessible to all students

K Browne, Teacher & Peer Reviewer
  • Hand out at the end of the course or at the end of a topic for revision recap
  • Hand out partially completed worksheets for in-class activities
  • Display on classroom walls as visual cues

What do teachers say about this resource? (9962)

A high-quality resource that I could see teachers using in a variety of ways. Each topic page could be used as a visual display... as an end of topic summary... at the beginning of a topic and act as a visual advance organiser about the areas that will be forthcoming... [or] if learners are absent, or wish to reduce a condensed version of the unit content, then this resource ticks these boxes too. The layout and presentation of the topic pages are attractive and would grab the interest of a ‘typical’ level 3 learner. It provides a broad overview of the key content for each learning aim and this information is accurate and well-presented. Each page includes key vocabulary with clear definitions and engaging images and graphics. Currently, there is no published resource that addresses Unit 2 content in this format so it’s very welcome.

M Fitzpatrick, Teacher, Examiner & Peer Reviewer

A very useful resource for revision. There are a number of different ways these can be used in lessons... as part of a lesson for teaching the topic or as a revision guide. It shows the exact amount of content that needs to be learned in order to pass the exam... not too much information on each page and it Is easily linked to the specification. This is the first year I have started using Zig Zag resources and have found them to be a useful tool to add to my teachers toolkit. They are quite versatile and having the topic on the page is so useful for students to remember.

K Prebble, Head of H&SC & Peer Reviewer

This resource effectively outlines all topics of the unit. It can be used as a fantastic revision tool for students, but can also be used as a guide to allow students to create their own revision sheets and be guided to include all the necessary topics. I really liked that it clearly outlined the different roles and responsibilities for each professional but it also made it very clear what the differences are between a role and a responsibility which is something students have found difficult to understand in the past. The language used throughout is accessible and standardised with the specification so students can become familiar with using health and social care terminology in preparation for their exam. Easy to read and it is not overcrowded. This resource has multiple uses and is highly accessible to all students. A fabulous resource that will reduce teacher workload and is accessible for all students. 

K Browne, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (9459)

Good quality with clear information that covers all the unit. It has 2 differentiated sheets, plus the complete one. You can build knowledge throughout the course using the differentiated sheets or use for HA and LA. Great for Revision as there is a ‘topic on a page’. The information is very easy for the students to see clearly and a dozen pages covers the whole unit. ZigZag resources can be trusted and are reliable, good quality and student friendly.

R Jeynes, Head of Health and Social Care & Customer

It is organised into bitesize chunks, which is great at the end of a topic or unit as a good visual reminder and easy for the learner to use as scaffolding. The resource is student friendly, and shows lots of information that is linked to the spec, despite the limited space for each of the posters. There are lots of applied examples to key theories and the content is easy to understand and therefore serves as a good revision tool.

K Wright, HSC Teacher, Moderator & Peer Reviewer

The diagrammatic representations and explanations of topics, such as developmental milestones at different life stages, different care services etc. add immense value to this resource. These will help the learners to grasp the idea of the topics being covered more easily and they will be able to retain the information for longer. The author has used relevant, clear and coherent written communication using language appropriate to both a professional and academic audience.

D Maitra, Lead Teacher & Peer Reviewer

A good basic resource ... will help students recall and revise simple content, which will allow more time for teachers to use this knowledge to improve exam technique. Simplified content that is easy for students to access. Great explanations of topics, such as Nature vs Nurture.

K Browne, Teacher of H&SC & Independent Reviewer