Topic Tests for OCR AS and A Level PE

A precise and comprehensive diagnostic tool!

Reveal students strengths and weaknesses for OCR A level Physical Education

It links in well with other ZigZag A-Level resources, such as the ‘Topic on a Page'

T Collier, Head of PE & Customer

20-22 thoughtfully structured tests, each gradually increasing in difficulty. From simple recall, targeting key points, to multi-part questions requiring greater initiative to finally longer inferential-style questions.

  • Varied question styles through case studies, tables, diagrams, images, or graphs, maximise engagement and formats expected in the exam.
  • Questions include many sport and physical activity examples to link theory and practice.
  • Opportunities to interpret and analyse data to test new quantitative skills element
Dual formats: write-on and re-useable non-write on.
Efficient Assessment: Tests take just 45-60 minutes each!

I would recommend as useful tool for assessment...

...[it's a] good way to monitor pupils’ learning

A Frizoni, Subject Leader & Customer
  • Use in-class, for revision or as homeworks!
  • Specification cross-reference table – to support co-teaching!
  • Comprehensive answers with mark allocations for effective peer- and self-assessment.

What do teachers say about this resource? (6606)

'A well structured comprehensive resource which could serve as a revision tool for students or end of section test... The value of this resource is that it provides an end of topic test without using past examination questions.' - K Wheeler, PE Teacher & Independent Reviewer.