Literary Texts Practice for GCSE AQA Reading

Available for French, German Spanish and Italian

Tackle the challenging literary text aspect of the new specs with our bespoke pack based on 20 carefully chosen literary extracts. Engaging comprehension activities with varying levels of support build students’ skills and confidence.

For each tier, there are: ❶ 2 introductory texts with full work-throughs and a step-by-step guide to approaching literary texts ❷ 3 supported texts to build and develop students’ reading skills ❸ 5 exam-practice texts, each followed by a task based on AQA Paper 3.

  • Built-in differentiation – text length, grammar and exam questions are fully matched to AQA Sample Assessment Material for Foundation and Higher reading papers
  • A wide range of genres, literary periods and authors prepares students for the exam
  • Background information on the authors and their works – awaken students’ interest in the fascinating world of literature
  • Comprehensive answers to all tasks for easy self, peer and teacher marking and full translations of all extracts – challenge the brightest by setting them a passage to translate!
  • Extension writing tasks – use the texts as a springboard for creative-writing practice
I like the way in which these sample questions invite the reader into the world of literature, arousing curiosity and demonstrating that authentic texts are entertaining and not anything to be fearful or suspicious about. I am most impressed by the choices of texts and variety of exercises. Lovely! J Turner, German Teacher & Independent Reviewer
It supports students of both tiers. I really like how each literary text has been linked to a GCSE topic (relationships, food & drink, etc.). There is also a clear focus on tenses and grammar, which is useful. R Bravo, Spanish Teacher & Independent Reviewer
What do teachers have to say about this resource? (8570)
'A very challenging collection of texts with increasing level of difficulty. The exercises on grammar are very useful and help to revise specific structures met in the passage. I particularly liked the writing tasks as they offer the student the opportunity to recall words and structures passively learned in the activities and deploy them in a longer piece of writing (active vs passive vocabulary).
What do teachers have to say about this resource? (6593)
'There are a lot of reading materials and the supplementary activities really help the students to engage with each text – thanks!' R Chapman, Head of German and ZigZag Education Customer.
'An excellent introduction to authentic German literature and a fantastic resource for the new GCSE. The tasks link nicely to the new GCSE specs and encourage wider reading and use of 'unseen' vocabulary. It's crucial that this new part of the course is covered and [ this guide] offer students an exciting, new challenge.' S Cummins, Head of MFL and ZigZag Education Customer
'This is a resource which demonstrates what an enhancement the whole turn to authentic texts at GCSE level can be. None of the chosen texts are in any way facile, indeed they offer challenge from the very outset, however the way in which the author guides the teacher and pupil renders the texts accessible and dispels the notion that every word needs to be understood. There are many things to like about this resource, its great variety of styles of literary texts, its excellent tips and advice on how to deduce meaning without having to understand every word, its wide range of questioning techniques... The progression through help and support into practice and exam-style questions, plus the provision of regular tips and advice on navigating through, ensures that the student gains in confidence (...) I am most impressed!' J Turner, German Teacher and Independent Reviewer
What do teachers have to say about this resource? (6681)
'Very good teaching resource for this newly examined skill. Saves hours searching for suitable practice extracts.' D Marks, Tutor and ZigZag Education Customer
'This resource contains a wealth of authentic French texts and clearly structure activities, both reading and writing, to help students to access those texts. The texts are clearly labelled Foundation and Higher to help differentiate for students and the questions are well thought out and help students to really engage with and access texts that some students would have given up on at the mere sight of them. ' A Kimberly, Head of Modern Languages and ZigZag Education Customer
'Once again ZigZag have thought of everything and come to the teachers rescue! There are no other resources like this one to help us prepare our students to the demands of the new GCSE exam. Thank you! This has saved me hours and hours of research and work!' S Pearson, Head of Languages and ZigZag Education Customer
'This is a very good resource which is tackling an area that many teachers may find intimidating given that we have not had to teach literary texts in French at GCSE level for at least the last 13 years (probably longer). There is a good mix of styles of texts and I really like the choice of text such as 'Le Petit Prince' and 'Le Petit Nicolas'. The structure of introductory, practice and exam style questions makes the resource accessible for pupils and teachers.' V Pick, Head of French and Independent Reviewer
'I was extremely impressed by the amount of knowledge/research which has gone into producing this resource. Few teachers would have the breadth of knowledge of literary texts to put together materials for GCSE level, particularly at foundation level. This is a very specific area and places huge demands on teachers. I can imagine sighs of relief from teachers trying to find authentic materials which match the requirements of the new syllabus.' J Ireland, French Teacher and Independent Reviewer
‘I absolutely loved this resource! (…)I am genuinely impressed by its quality. Please pass on my congratulations to the author.’ E Bermard, Head of MFL and Independent Reviewer
'Students and teachers alike may feel daunted by this new section of the reading paper. This guide will reassure them and give them multiple strategies to approach literary texts. The extracts are extremely well chosen. They are varied and fit in very well with the new topics of the AQA specification. Coping strategies are clear and useful.' S Fleet, French Teacher and Ind. Reviewer
What do teachers have to say about this resource? (6592)
'Our Year 10 students have responded really well to these texts both in the classroom and, more recently, as home learning tasks. It Is clearly laid out for both students and teachers and has been a much needed source of support to our teachers as we help students prepare for the new GCSE. Students enjoy the structure of being told explicitly what to do by the worksheets and find them easy to follow. Student confidence in reading longer texts has gone up significantly in our classes where this resource is used.' A Kimberly, Head of MFL and ZigZag Education Customer
'Provides wide variety of literary texts with interesting ideas for their explanation. It saves time searching for texts to practice this skill. Text books barely deal with this skill.' D Marks, Tutor and ZigZag Education Customer
'This is a top-notch resource. Not only is it perfect to tackle the work on authentic literary texts, but the author of the pack has also chosen extracts which have a cultural element! There are scaffolding strategies in place to ease the students into tasks, helping them build in confidence. It improves students’ exam techniques through activities which tackle an extract step by step. It guides both the students and the teacher through this new GCSE element using a variety of activities. It also provides ideas for writing tasks! Some grammar points are also illustrated throughout.' S Pearson, Head of Languages and ZigZag Education Customer
'The approach the author has used is excellent (...) This resource provides pupils with invaluable information, hints and tips on how to tackle a literary text. Pupils are encouraged to use their thinking skills in order to understand the gist of the texts. The tasks make the idea of literary texts a little less daunting for pupils and encourage the development of skills they can use in an exams.' S Peterson, Head of Spanish and Independent Reviewer
'An excellent resource that every teacher and student should have! The texts are interesting and cover a wide range of contexts and skills to help lead to success in the GCSE reading paper at both higher and foundation tiers. (...) I am fully confident that this resource meets fully the demands set out by the AQA specification.' N Booth, Head of MFL and Independent Reviewer
'Many relevant activities so that students can gain confidence at the GCSE Spanish exams plus it is great as it follows rather well the new specification requirements for AQA in regards to literary texts.' J Ermina, MFL Teacher and Examiner and Independent Reviewer
'It supports students of both tiers (Foundation and Higher). I really like how each literary text has been linked to a GCSE topic (relationships, food & drink, etc). There is a clear focus on tenses and grammar, which is useful. I particularly like the translation tasks (both ways) and the gap fill tasks.' R Bravo, Spanish Teacher and Independent Reviewer