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iGCSE AQA Paper 3 Pre-Release Resource Pack

The Preliminary Material has been released and this year's focus is on the increasing urbanisation in LEDCs. A number of opportunities are presented, and challenges faced, in growing urban settlements and investigating social, environmental and economic issues is key to understanding and interpreting urbanisation as a theme.

2017: Contemporary Issues in Urban Settlements
A complete breakdown of the Advanced Information Booklet for the annual iGCSE AQA Paper 3 exam. Focussed on Living in an increasingly urban world, Issues surrounding urbanisation in LEDCs, The challenges of urban growth and The Dharavi Redevelopment Project in Mumbai, India.
Helps students to think on their feet. Provides fast-track revision for students without a detailed topic knowledge. Dr. C. Evans, Geography Teacher & Examiner

A complete teaching resource to help students achieve their full potential in this difficult exam. An active, student-centred approach to learning, ideal for Paper 3 where spoon-feeding is impossible. The focus on skills and strategies which can be applied to the exam makes this a valuable resource.

Learn to understand all angles of the issue up for debate.

  • Builds understanding of Paper 3 assessment, command words and synoptic skills
  • Deconstructs every element of the resource booklet to help students to fully digest the content
  • Model answers show your students what top answers look like and how to write them

Students develop the core geographical and synoptic skills to succeed with Paper 3 – skills that help with Paper 1 and 2 too!


  • Student workbook to guide lessons and get immersed in the AIB
  • Unique PowerPoint presentations filled with vivid images and detailed content to enhance your lessons
  • An original practice exam paper to get your students fully prepared for the real thing!
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2016: Ecosystems and Global Environments
A complete breakdown of the Advanced Information Booklet for the annual iGCSE AQA Paper 3 exam. Focussed on Rainforest Ecosystems, The Indomet Coal Project in Kalimantan and Rainforest Management and Ecotourism in El Pbutano