Freaky Fiction for GCSE French

One of the most thoroughly exploited reading packs I have seen available for GCSE French and provides a lot of exam practice. Nice work! I Coleman, French Teacher & Independent Reviewer

This range of compelling, genre-specific narratives and accompanying exercises merges teen-friendly themes with essential GCSE skills.

If your students are more interested in the latest sensation in teen fiction than the complexities of the French language, if they prefer vampires to verbs, then look no further!

Interesting, compelling, exciting, thought-provoking and original short stories F Di Piazza, Head of MFL & Independent Reviewer
  • Carefully written, authentic and compelling stories broken into six manageable chapters
  • Differentiated exercises covering a wide range of skills: vocabulary, grammar, translation, comprehension, speaking and writing
  • Support sheets provide additional scaffolding while extension tasks stretch the most able
  • Includes full answers for easy self-, peer- and teacher assessment
  • Starter and advanced packs available to suit different stages of the course and varying abilities

And with authentic texts, translation practice, relevant topical links and historical and cultural references aplenty, you can be sure you are preparing students for the expectations of the new 2016 GCSE specifications. What better way to get pupils enthused about language?

Starter Packs – designed for GCSE Year 1, or lower-ability groups
Freaky Fiction: GCSE French Starter Pack (Historical) Taken under false pretences, kept captive, compelled to escape… Inform your students about a controversial period of French history through the tragic yet inspiring story of Raymond, a New Caledonian teenager forced to take part in Paris’ 1931 International Colonial Exhibition…
Freaky Fiction: GCSE French Starter Pack (Sci-Fi) It’s the year 2500 and zombies rule the Earth, feeding on the brains of their human slaves. But there are some who have managed to evade capture, and now they’re planning to fight back! Join Naïma as she marches into battle and, against all odds, becomes a hero – but at what cost?

Advanced Packs – designed for GCSE Year 2, or higher-ability groups
Freaky Fiction: GCSE French Advanced Pack (Dystopian) Sylvia, 15, dares to rebel against a world in which our everyday lives – from school, to work, to free time – are dictated by screens… This dystopian and eerily believable view of the near future might make your students think twice about picking up their iPhone…!
Freaky Fiction: GCSE French Advanced Pack (Murder Mystery) In the sleepy town of St Malo, young people are being brutally murdered and Morgane’s best friend has disappeared… with the police baffled, this audacious 16-year-old is in a race against time to save her classmate from a terrible fate. But is the culprit closer to home than she thinks…?