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GCSE (9-1) AQA Maths Practice Exam Papers

Available for Foundation & Higher

Build student confidence in Mathematics in preparation for the new 9-1 exams with these unique sets of practice exam papers.

Sample papers are currently available for Edexcel
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Bigger than ever before!

10 sets; 30 papers per board per tier.

Better than ever before!

  • Well-designed papers with clearly worded questions – methodically written and checked by mathematicians and teachers!
  • Full specification coverage – all topics covered with the required AO1, AO2 & AO3 weightings
  • Matches the exact style of the new exam in terms of structure, cumulative difficulty, question types, new topics, and new demanding problem-solving questions


Each paper includes:
  1. Write-on version – mimics exam layout, perfect preparation for the real thing!
  2. Non-write-on version – minimise photocopying costs
  3. A5 booklet versions – great for revision, even smaller copying costs
  4. Detailed worked solutions support learning with useful commentary, mark schemes and common alternative solutions

Meticulous attention to detail!

  • Triple checked for accuracy and question clarity
  • Specification mapping ensures all areas of the specification covered and AOs weighted
  • Likely question type frequency reflected across the 30 papers; this ensures for example common exam questions occur frequently across the sets
  • Level of difficulty modelled to ensure the same level of difficulty as the specimens, which themselves were statistically checked by Ofqual
  • Non-write-on versions include optional short work booklets for the occasional questions where writing directly onto the question is useful.

Designed for students and teachers!

  • Separate answer column for faster marking!
  • Extra detail in workings helps students identify their mistakes and learn effectively
  • Common alternative solutions enable students to match their solution to that provided

GCSE (9-1) Maths Practice Papers are also available for: Edexcel | OCR