Exploring... Films and Regions for KS3 French

Comprehensive project packs based around popular, contemporary target-language films and culturally rich regions. This carefully written, authentic and engaging target-language material is the perfect way to teach common KS3 topics and language – and meet the requirements of the new National Curriculum!

Each resource contains:

Accompanying PowerPoints with colourful images support the delivery of tasks and provide visual stimulation for Tahiti, Côte d’Azure, Midi-Pyrénées, Une Vie de Chat
  • ready-made scheme of work with clear outcomes, AfL and cross-curricular links where relevant
  • structured lesson plans – including starters, mains, plenaries and homeworks
  • student worksheets
  • end-of-project revision and assessment lesson
  • full answers make for quick and easy teacher-, peer- and self-marking
  • Available for Years 7, 8 and 9, with further differentiation within each pack – supports those who struggle while stretching the brightest; suitable for any class!
  • Fun, varied and original activities capture students’ interest while allowing practice of all four main skills. Aural, visual and kinaesthetic tasks appeal to learners of all types.

Exploring… Une vie de Chat (year 7)

Oscar-nominated French animated adventure film set in Paris. A gorgeous, hand-drawn production bound to engage your students. Its length (64minutes) and accessibility make this film perfect for study in early KS3.

Exploring… Tahiti (year 7)

Your year 7s will love exploring this French-speaking island and will learn useful KS3 vocabulary through topics such as wildlife, exotic culinary specialties, holiday activities and Paul Gaugin’s paintings.

Exploring… Côte d’Azur (year 8)

The most glamorous and coveted of Mediterranean playgrounds, French Riviera is bound to enchant and excite your students. Teach them all about film through talking about Cannes Festival and make sports vocabulary fun by discussing Olympique de Marseille!

Exploring… Kirikou et la sorcière (Year 8)

Students delve into the magic world of this francophone film set in rural Africa. Entertaining activities, such as dice games and roleplays, and GCSE-focused tasks, such as translations, make French language learning fun.

Exploring… Le Petit Nicolas (year 9)

Engage and entertain your year 9 students with this humorous French-Belgian production based on the famous series of children’s books. Your students will love learning French through little Nicholas’ amusing adventures!

Exploring… Midi- Pyrénées (year 9)

Packed with cultural and historical facts and perfect for late KS3 or early GCSE preparation. Accessible coverage of a fantastically wide range of enticing topics- from the Cathars in Middle Ages through the paintings of Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec to the modern music group Zabda and Toulouse’s famous rugby club!
What do teachers have to say about this resource? (6444)
' A really lovely resource paired with a lovely film that was a brilliant introduction to Year 9 French this year. I loved the reinforcement of adjectives and describing family that helped support the development of students’ linguistic abilities but also the look into French culture that helped them to get a better understanding of the language that they are studying and where it is spoken.' A Kimberly, Head of Modern Languages and ZigZag Education Customer
'I like that this resource helps pupils with practising the language, but they are also exposed to French culture and society. Pupils are exposed to authentic materials. It was nice to see pupils learn more complex vocabulary related to the film. E.g.: bêtise/Épanoui. I would say it is great for preparing them on having an opinion on more complex themes, such as the role of women, work and social classes.' J Guibert Paxton, Head of Languages and ZigZag Education Customer
'It's full of varied and fun activities that are also challenging as it provides extensions as well. Good differentiation and it can easily be adapted for even lower abilities. I really like the fact that it is all based around lessons with a clear SoW and detailed lesson plans, as well as homework. So complete and very helpful!' E Sinot, Head of Department and Independent Reviewer
What do teachers have to say about this resource? (6448)
'A great way to engage our Year 8 students with the language they are learning through exploring the culture of the country. There is a variety of lessons and activities so students who are interested in geography, history, art, film, food – there is something for everyone! I loved this resource so much that I immediately bought the Year 9 equivalent – exploring the Midi-Pyrenées!' A Kimberly, Head of Modern Languages and ZigZag Education Customer
'The concept of this resource is brilliant. It is accessible for pupils of all abilities and also non-specialist teachers. There are many opportunities for peer-assessment, self-assessment as well as whole-class assessment and homework tasks. Everything is done for you! You just need to get on with it and enjoy!' S Pearson, Head of Languages and ZigZag Education Customer
'I was hugely impressed by the amount of teaching and learning incorporated. Congratulations to the author on bringing together the linguistic and cultural elements so thoroughly. I liked the wide range of activity and the opportunities for pupils to be creative.' J Ireland, French Lecturer and Independent Reviewer
What do teachers have to say about this resource? (6443)
'A brilliant resource that helped bring the south of France into our classroom. I particularly like this resource because… It includes more than just geography, but really dives into the culture of the region by combining lessons with history, art and geography with the local culture. Students responded really well and demonstrated a strong understanding of what they had learnt.' A Kimberly, Head of Modern Languages and ZigZag Education Customer
'ZigZag Education resources definitely have the X factor! The author has clearly researched all the facts very thoroughly. It covers everything about the region and more!' S Pearson, Head of Languages and ZigZag Education Customer
'I like that even though this resource is a geographical region, there are many other areas that are covered, such as art, cuisine, history, festivals. This will give pupils a good insight. There are kinesthetic activities in this pack to engage learners, it also includes videos, which is a nice alternative to listening exercises. It is a very good resource for keeping pupils engaged, as there are great games: rapidity games/board games.' J Guibert Paxton, Head of Languages and ZigZag Education Customer
What do teachers have to say about this resource? (7631)
'I enjoy the idea of teaching French from a popular African storybook that is so well known in many French-speaking countries. The variety of differentiation and assessment methods reinforce learning allowing students to enjoy a scope of activities that meet the different learning needs in the class. It is also essential to note that this resource also involves little preparation.' R Manne, Teacher and Ind. Reviewer
'I really liked this resource. Personally, with film work I find it difficult to find a range of supporting activities to do alongside the watching of the film that are impactful and aid pupils to make progress. I like the way this enabled pupils to make cross curricular links whilst increasing their knowledge of the larger world and its culture.' K Seazell, Head of MFL and Ind. Reviewer
What do teachers have to say about this resource? (6436)
'Overall, this is a fabulous resource which is well-planned and well-structured. It is very detailed and very easy to follow.' S Pearson, Head of Languages and ZigZag Education Customer
'This resource enhances learning by exposing the pupils to something different and culturally interesting. The educational value lies in the range of vocabulary covered across the 8 different cultural areas that are studied. These cultural areas are away from the norm and linked closely to other subjects e.g. Paul Gauguin, so the pupils can see a link between their other subjects and French.' V Pick, Head of Spanish and Independent Reviewer
What do teachers have to say about this resource? (6440)
'This is a 5-star resource with incredibly comprehensive and varied materials. It is sometimes difficult to plan good resources around authentic materials when you’re a busy teacher. This resource allows our pupils to access something different and interesting.' S Pearson , Head of Languages and ZigZag Education Customer
'I think this resource is excellent. The clear structure of the lesson plans and amount and variety of exercises means that pupils will have plenty to do and teachers will be able to show progress. Teaching authentic material may be daunting for some; this resource will make it straightforward for the teacher and enjoyable for the pupils. The new national curriculum includes a need to "go beyond immediate needs and interests" when teaching vocabulary; this resource does this by covering new and different themes. By studying this film pupils would also be able to, "read and show comprehension of original material". ' V Pick, Head of French and Independent Reviewer
'I think this is fabulous resource, providing a very wide variety of activities for students and a very clear and detailed series of lesson plans for teachers. The lesson plans are very detailed and provide both extension work and differentiation, but leaving the teacher the freedom to adapt them as he or she wishes. The activities are engaging, fun, some are quite challenging, and I particularly like the pair work and independent cultural learning tasks involving ICT. A whole variety of tasks using reading, listening, speaking and writing are used in the resource. Vocabulary and grammar are enhanced - present tense and past tense are introduced. Speaking exercises promote confidence. The culture element is present throughout. I would love to use this, I can already see my students enjoying all the activities and developing their knowledge of vocabulary and Paris.' F Levett, French Teacher and Independent Reviewer