A Level AQA Sociology Revision Summaries (2015 Specification)

Focused, engaging and student-friendly revision notes, supported by self and peer-assessment tasks. Easy to use and perfect for exam revision or as end-of-topic summaries.

Thoroughly covers the specification

W Davies, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

Matches the specification order perfectly, great for teachers to locate the section you need instantly. A fantastic revision structure with:

Key terms
  • picked out and clearly explained.
In a nutshell
  • summarises key issues in less than a paragraph! Great for quick last-minute revision.
Concise bullet points
  • cover the vital need-to-know content.
‘Take it further’
  • section stretches your most able students.
Self-assessment checklists
  • help your students evaluate strengths and weaknesses, allowing for targeted revision.

What do teachers say about this resource? (8623)

An excellent overview with definitions and key terms and theorists provided. It gives a solid foundation from which to work, and the language is easy enough to suit students of all abilities.

The layout is intuitive to navigate from section to section - bullet points for key concepts, text boxes for definitions. Makes it easy for students to study from.

Very well matched [to the specification].

Another excellent resource from ZigZag!

D. Thompson, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

The key words element of each section will be hugely beneficial, I've tried to add something similar into my own classes but this is an immensely time-consuming task when carried out across the whole of the course... The theoretical evidence for each element is written in a way that isn't overwhelming, so there is plenty of opportunity for development of critical skills... I really like the possibility for self-assessment on behalf of the students being available on a formative basis, rather than upon the summation of the module. This gives students the opportunity to catch-up if they feel they are lacking knowledge, rather than waiting for the end of the module.

C. Harvey, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (8622)

This resource allows students to engage with what’s on the GCSE spec as it allows them to gain knowledge on the key theories. Good summary of key theories, clear layout and clear subheadings and activities.

J Joauvel , Teacher & Peer Reviewer

Very effective and well-thought out. This will be most beneficial as a consolidatory resource at the end of the Families module.

C. Harvey, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

The resource is extremely well matched to the level and specification. It is an excellent revision guide for students. I particularly liked the clear divisions of the topic which would help students to organise their notes and revision. The key terms sections are a useful guide as are the highlighted key names throughout. There are also fantastic comparisons between the theories and some great inclusion of methods such as information on structural perspectives. The demography statistics are clear, up to date and well presented. The inclusion of the examples in the childhood section are great for helping to clarify the material. The combination of summarised notes and gapped activities provides support and practical experience for students.

M. Hunter, Private Tutor, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (8621)

This revision summary is an excellent resource that can be used for: (a) an introductory overview; (b) to support less able students; and (c) as a revision resource for tests and examinations for all students. It is a tool that can be used for assessment FOR learning as well as an assessment OF learning.

D. Thompson, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (6428)

This is a really well put together resource which demonstrates the high level of subject knowledge of the writer. It is extremely well structured and comprehensive. It could be used for more than just a revision summary as it thoroughly covers the specification.... I like the way that key points or concepts are made clear, for example, in the ‘in a nutshell’ sections that make it clear to students the key points they should have understood from each section. The criticisms boxes also help students to skim/scan through the documents when developing their progress... I would definitely purchase this resource for my teaching

W Davies, Teacher & Peer Reviewer