Structured Cover Lessons for GCSE AQA French

38 worksheets covering every topic on the 2016 GCSE AQA specification – so you’ll always have a cover lesson on content students are currently studying

Fully stand-alone structured tasks with clear progression from one task to the next: ❶ Vocab ❷ Reading ❸ Translation (from and into TL) ❹ Writing ❺ Creative project. With extension “challenges” throughout to ensure even the quickest students have enough work to keep them busy for the whole lesson.

Separate Foundation and Higher worksheets so you can select the most appropriate tasks for your class and individual students – never worry about differentiating cover work again!

  • Clear instructions for students
  • Fully stand-alone – no need for a specialist teacher
  • Includes answers for easy peer- or self-marking
What do teachers have to say about this resource? (6372, 6517)
"I would definitely use this resource with my classes if I was not there. [...] This resource allows structured lessons without a subject specialist in the room and develops different exam skills. [...] I liked the staged activities which allow pupils to either build on skills within the lesson and complete differentiated activities at both higher or foundation level. [...] " -- K Seazell, Head of MFL and Ind. Reviewer
'All I want to say is thank you to the author for writing such a comprehensive resource. This is exactly what is needed for the pupils (and the teachers!) when we cannot take the lesson and need to leave cover work. It is a resource which is excellent value for money. ' S Pearson, Head of Languages and ZigZag Education Customer
'This is an excellent add-on resource to our GCSE course. It helps me since I know the work left for the class to do when I’m not in school is relevant. It saves me preparation time! Our pupils of all abilities are able to complete the tasks independently.' S Pearson, Head of Languages and ZigZag Education Customer