Differentiated Homeworks for GCSE AQA French, Spanish and German

Two (smaller) volumes available for AQA French

Facilitate independent learning with these comprehensive, ready-to-use homeworks for GCSE AQA French, Spanish and German! Differentiated, stand-alone worksheets cover every topic in the 2016 specifications and provide carefully structured support to reinforce learning:

  • Three levels of differentiation – set homework appropriate to the needs of each student!
  • Each worksheet builds upon a wide range of skills, from vocabulary and reading to grammar and writing
    • Plus! Translation into both English and target-language
  • Full answers provided for easy self-, peer- or teacher marking
  • Consolidate and build upon knowledge and skills already learned – no additional teacher input required!
  • ‘Mix and match’ as homeworks, cover lessons, end of topic revision or classroom-based learning tasks – ultimate flexibility
  • Meet the demands of the 2016 AQA specification and give students all the necessary tools to succeed in their exams
An excellent source of high-level materials geared towards the new GCSE specification, with new exercises such as the translations from and into English. This gives well needed practice for all students no matter what their level. J I Ermina, Spanish Teacher and Examiner & Independent Reviewer