Keyword Activities for AQA AS/A Level Psychology

These engaging and practical activities ensure students get to know the essential terminology in the new AQA specification from the start.

Each compulsory topic is covered by an inclusive set of keywords supporting areas from biological terms to key scientists. You’ll be sure they know a genotype from a phenotype, androcentrism from ethnocentrism. Each set is organised into five different activities:
  1. Match-up
  2. Fill-in-the-blanks
  3. Dominoes
  4. Bingo cards
  5. Crosswords

  • Varied and engaging activities build confidence and familiarity with need-to-know terms
  • Student-friendly definitions make complex terms accessible to all
  • Flexible, ready-to-use worksheets that fit perfectly into any lesson – use them for classwork or homework, they’re great for individuals and groups
  • Answers included for each activity – excellent for revision and self-assessment!