Topical Articles with Exercises for AS and A Level German

Topics matched to 2016 specifications – ready to use now!

Up-to-date articles are based around relevant issues in target-language countries, and each one is accompanied by a range of activities. Written by native speakers, these authentic texts will stretch your students while testing the skills needed for AS or A Level in a modern-day context.

  • Topical and often challenging issues make texts relevant and thought-provoking, offering ample opportunity for debate.
  • All articles based on topics from new AS or A Level specifications – the perfect resource to bridge the gap between the specs! Start using now, keep for next academic year!
  • Each text accompanied by vocabulary, comprehension, language, translation, writing and discussion exercises – all matched to AS or A Level.
  • Full answers provided for easy teacher-, peer- or self-marking.
Articles include: Flaschenpfand; Die Ostsee – zerstörtes Paradies?; Azubis in Deutschland; Studium in Deutschland – ein Garant für die Karriere; Arbeitsmarkt Deutschland; ALDI – ein deutscher Supermarkt mit Geschichte; Deutscher Hip-Hop?; Conchita Wurst – ein Symbol für Menschen, die anders sind; Fernsehen in Deutschland; Haben Bücher eine Zukunft?; Wir sind das Volk!; Weihnachtsmärkte in Deutschland; Mercedes-Benz: Das Beste oder nichts; Von Norddeutschland nach Südengland; Die Insel Rügen – ein Paradies im Norden Deutschlands

What do teachers have to say about this resource? (6199)

'A very helpful resource which is motivational as well as informative. (...) It encourages students to find out more about German culture and life in German-speaking countries. It will teach various facets of German culture with interesting texts.' M Missenhardt, German Teacher and Independent Reviewer

'I think it will be a resource that will be sought after and should be in departments up and down the country! The level of the language is perfect and the topics are interesting and relevant for young people. The focus on culture will bring life in German-speaking countries into any British classroom, allowing a unique insight for those who have not yet had the opportunity to visit the country. The resource allows pupils to develop literacy and higher order thinking skills in German and really look at the nitty-gritty aspects of the language, through the translation exercises in particular. It would supplement any curricular programme well.' R Kirk, German Teacher and Examiner and Independent Reviewer