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Getting to Know... Todo sobre mi madre

Useful for:
AQA Cultural Topics
Edexcel Research-based Essay
WJEC Guided Studies

Ready-to-use research tasks, worksheets, background information and practice exam questions ensure comprehensive understanding of this eccentric and thought-provoking film from Pedro Almodóvar. Students will get to know Todo sobre mi madre inside out and be fully prepared for the speaking and writing exams.

  • Before: Introductory tasks covering location, the director and his influences, socio-political context, and cinematic techniques give students a solid foundation for their study.
  • During: Theme-by-theme analysis ensures a structured and comprehensive approach to the investigation. Students will gain a thorough understanding of the different aspects of the film in relation to key scenes and events. Activities include: vocabulary, comprehension, translation, discussion, research and writing.
    • Extensive language focus enables students to talk about the film in depth and achieve higher marks in the exam.
  • After: Further development of analysis encourages students to think critically and evaluate the wider relevance. Exam-style oral and essay questions help students to apply what they have learnt, while example essay and conversation prompt discussion of successful essay technique.

Themes include: gender, the status of women, relationships, transexuality and transgender issues, family, urban culture and lifestyles, society
Other aspects covered: organ donation, contemporary Spanish cinema, the theatre industry, religion, health